By Anonymous - / Tuesday 12 February 2019 20:00 /
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  Draikon  |  6

Seriusly? I hope you are both single, what a way to treat your SO.
Of cause it hugely sucks, and hopefully he will get back on his feet, but the sheer lack of empathy from these people is depressing.
If my SO just went "Sucks to be you" that would tell me alot about the person i am choosing to have in my life.

By  RichardPencil  |  27

Would things be any better if you calculated time on a figurative calendar?

I feel like the 300 fighting against Xerxes’ army hellbent on using “literally” as a meaningless, bullshit sentence filler.

By  Jeremy Laughton  |  4

Wow what a bunch of ****** on here. The boyfriend she assumably lives with quits his job for a better one, which would open up more room for her to attend school and the responses are that he’s worthless because the job offer fell through? No she should tow the line for a minute while he gets a different job. There’s always next term and if you aren’t willing to support your partner then you should expect no support. You all sound like gold diggers and a bunch of other things inappropriate for a public forum.