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Today, my boyfriend got pissed off and is now sulking, all because I didn't make a huge deal out of our 1-month "anniversary". FML
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What's his definition of a "huge deal"? I think going to the movies or something is perfectly reasonable for 1 month.

I wonder what he's expecting when you hit one year...


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You need to end it cuz he'll later get pissed that he's not the only person you talk to the rest of your life, trust me it'll only gets worse

What you said has nothing to do with the FML, he's not jealous of op talking to other people, he's pissed because op didn't make a big deal of their one month anniversary, like it says in the FML

what #2 is saying is that the Ops boyfriend seems to get annoyed at the little things and seeing as how it has only been a month, more little things will piss him off

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You're on to something #2. A guy like this will end up being controlling and abusive.

There is no wayy out can know that. He may just be emotional. Some girls do that and it's considered normal. Stop blaming him for stuff he hasn't even done yet, without any evidence he ever will in the fact that were presented to us.

What's his definition of a "huge deal"? I think going to the movies or something is perfectly reasonable for 1 month.

I wonder what he's expecting when you hit one year...

Probably a parade, fireworks...

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He will still be sulking over OP forgetting their 51st week anniversary too.

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sounds like my ex kaila, RUN!!!

Oh no, not kaila!

Thaaaaat's a red flag.

Agreed. No. Not even close to a red flag.

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You gotta be crazy and needy as hell to think that's not a red flag. Normal people do not have the emotions OP's boyfriend exhibited.

And who are you to tell us that a person's emotions are not normal? Maybe he just wanted to grab a bite or see a movie..

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@88 If that were the case he shouldn't have sulked like a child. Also, can we please stop acting like not being normal is a bad thing? Just because someone or something isn't normal, it doesn't mean they or it is bad.

One month? That's not a long time at all, I'd say maybe grabbing a bite to eat and a movie would suffice.

You both terrify me - for him getting pissy for a big deal not being made over a 1 month anniversary and you for calling him your boyfriend after 1 month. You guys are just getting to know each other. You both need to slow down and relax

Sorry, do you have some prior knowledge here that tells you that they've only known each other for a month? Or have you read the same FML as the rest of us that only states that they have been together for a month and nothing at all about how long they had been seeing each other beforehand?

She didn't say it was 1 month since meeting him, I'm assuming it is just one month since they started officially going out.

I called my boyfriend, "my boyfriend", after 2 weeks of dates and knowing him for 2 weeks, and we've been together 4 years so time is irrelevant.

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I knew my boyfriend three years before we started dating. As such, we were exclusive by the second or third week, and have been together two years since. One month in is perfectly reasonable to be using that term, depending on the couple and their circumstance. Still, treating one month as a hugely significant milestone is another story. it's a good reason to maybe have a nice dinner, but not much else.

It all depends on how they met, when they started dating, and how long they knew each other before starting to date. If they met online, or only knew each other for a few days before their first date, then maybe, MAYBE, one month is too short a time for calling each other boyfriend, girlfriend. For me and my boyfriend, we called each other boyfriend, girlfriend, as soon as I asked him out. But we first met in 4th grade, and we didn't start dating till junior year of high school. We're now coming up to 3 years next month.

aww he's kinda cute though.. I mean who does that these days. . maybe you're not what he's lookin for poor guy :(

#9 too many. too many people make a fuss over a fucking month I mean seriously.

Agreed. One month isn't all that great of an accomplishment tbh. At most, maybe a movie or something small or just a cute text.

I had a boyfriend like this. He was a girl over everything. Everything was a huge deal and he was so sensitive about everything. He would have hurt feelings over the littlest things, things I wasn't even aware about, and he would sulk about it. He felt that everyone had to spend time with him all the time. He wanted his guy friends to call him all the time (even though none of them really called each other unless it was to go hang out), and if they didn't he's get all upset and sulky. If some friends from our group when out and didn't invite him he'd get all upset and mad even though it wasn't the whole group going and therefore lots were "not invited." He also had anger issues, which didn't mix well with his hurt feelings all the time. Needless to say, he had some issues. I think op's boyfriend getting upset about her not making a big deal of their one month could definitely be a red flag. Especially if you guys hadn't agreed on doing anything and he just expected that you should have. There's nothing worse than a guy that gets all sulky about stuff like this and ends up ruining the rest of the night (or a few nights depending on how long he takes it).

Please don't refer to him as a girl simply because he's emotional. Respect us. Ps I stopped after that sentence as its way too long a post.

I wasn't trying to offend girls, I am one. It's just a saying. And it's fine you didn't read the whole post, no one said you had to. :)

@#57, ever think that he might have depression? Cause thats what its sounds like to me.. of course I don't know the guy, that could just be the way he is, but I have depression and I know I can act that way about some of those things.

I do know that he didn't have depression. He could be a really great guy, don't get me wrong. He just had some issues with expecting things from people (without telling them he expected these things) and then either getting very angry or mopey if those expectations weren't met.