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What a nice fella.

okay so I know it's wrong to be mugged and whatever, but it's pretty funny that he texted back saying that, amirite? :P

pronounciations 5


I dont get it.

good to see he has manners

lololol this made my day.

28 the FML basically says that OP's boyfriend got mugged and that the mugger texted that the boyfriend won't reply since he got mugged by him the mugger when OP texted her boyfriend when the mugger had his phone.

28 is a typical fkin blonde... =p LOL @ mugger.

@Mrsassypants, I'm not sure why I found your response to #28 hilarious. It was either the wording or that one had to explain at all.

Agree with 82, he used mugger so many times that I found it funny #28 - Did u get it now?

tweetbaby14 18

79, 28 may not be blonde... that's a model on googles picture. you're welcome. and OP I'm not seeing much of an FML for you here really... it's more so for your boyfriend.

84 I don't have that much of a good vocabulary. :)

92- Thank you, Captain Technical.

103 - You're welcome

Hahahaha this fml made me LOL. Well atleast the mugger was nice enough to let you know, but I agree F your boyfriends L not yours.

97 - I'm having trouble with your name... is it mr sassy pants? or mrs assy pants...? :(

I thinks that's like PETSMART. is it PET SMART.... or PETS MART? The world may never know.. :(

What a nice fella.

He was pretty awesome. Could only have been better if he tacked on a "So, wanna hang out sometime?" at the end of it. lol

first to say first :P

sweetcheeks FAIL she didn't say she is first she said that she is first to SAY first, since nobody did yet. :)

well at least the phone won't go to waste.

okay so I know it's wrong to be mugged and whatever, but it's pretty funny that he texted back saying that, amirite? :P

Yes. Total badass. :D

omgawd inorite? :P

Oh I'm sorry, I guess you must be right then.

why sound mean for? D:

Ohimsorry, do I know you? :)

oichowitis :P

Oichowitis? I think there is a cream for that.

hahaha it means "oh I see how it is" :P

No cream, I heard it is incurable.

ah to be young again. teens and their acronyms.

it's more like, teens are their gay gamer language :P

Maphine, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you start this with the "amirite" nonsense? Are you not a teen using "gamer language," as you put it? By the way, txt speech is forbidden in the rules. lol

ha. she stopped answering when you called her out. win

or she got off, you tool

gamers also don't use terrible phrases like that

There might be an app for it too

hi there pretty girl :)

yeah I did get off haha nah your not wrong, as anyone can see I did start using it, so? i didn't say it bagging anyone out, I said it as a correction to the other guys comment about teenager talk or whatever, and? plus. it's not text speak, whoever said that. talkin lyk dis is n it iznt ment 2 b in fmls nt comments

You were born in 93. It makes sense now.

"Huh... Well, ain't that some shit!"

and with pain in my chest I still wish you the best with a... F you!!! hoo-hoo-hoo!! great song I say!!

I hope the thief trips and falls into the road, and gets his head run over by a truck. Thieves are one of the lowest pieces of shit.

agreed, head our stuff stolen in sept broke into house

I resent that statement

No... The lowest is one that robs women, and rapes them afterwards. Not only are they pathetic enough to have to steal, they can't get any so they have to rape someone.

Some don't steal because they want to but because they have to

He's a class act. I wonder if he called the credit card companies and told them to expect some sizable transactions in the near future?

That would have been interesting.

don't eat yellow snow

at least the mugger had the courtesy to do that. he could've just called and made awkward, sexual conversation with you.

And you never would've known OP. It could've been worse.