By Kat - / Friday 31 August 2012 01:08 / United States - Tiverton
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  MDTeddy  |  13

Never make fun of Pokemon. Also, Pikachu is a badass. I don't want a girl who can't accept my love for Pokemon. Id rather MLP be made fun of because that really is for little kids.

  Sandsh8rk  |  36

I didn't think people would get it...shame on me for underestimating the intelligence of people on FML.
*crawls under a rock and thumbs down own comment*

  doodlecloud  |  26

Depends what medium you're talking about. The cartoon and any books are obviously for children, probably no older than 11 really as they're pretty simple. The manga however are for older children/teens and the games are for anyone from about 7 up to (and including) adults -there's tons in the mechanics and therefore competitive battling that a child just wouldn't be able to get there head round.

  doodlecloud  |  26

*their, sorry. Also, although I think it's fine to play pokemon, that doesn't mean I think such a tattoo is justified. Maybe something small and cute on a girl on as a small part of a much larger tattoo would look okay if done right but massive hip pikachu on a guy? Um, no thanks.

  tygerarmy  |  35

The biggest problem is not the tattoo. It is that he doesn't see the OP's point. If his reaction was I don't care, I like it, that'd be one thing but not even see it, there's no taking at that point.

  KVKdragon  |  26

51 - I have to say that you are incorrect about that. I'm in college and I'm also part of a video game club. Nearly all members (18 and up) who do have DS's and 3DS's have at least one Pokemon game, though a majority obviously have Black and White since the game mechanics are vastly improved over the original DS Pokemon games.

  TurquoiseJesus  |  15

What 74 said. Also, there are MUCH worse tattoos he could of gone with.
Comparatively, a tattoo of a iconic character from millions of people's childhoods? Not that bad of a choice.

  NNY909  |  1

I have a Pokeball tattoo on my ribcage. And it makes me happy every time I see it. So I'm with you, if it's something that makes you happy them your significant other should if not support you then at least accept you. Sounds like HE needs a better, less judgmental, mate.

  Yodaevil  |  4

I never was a fan. When I was 16-20, I loved doom/resident evil. Those would been batter choices for tats, but I didn't. And I am not disappointed at all that I didn't.

  sophie22_fml  |  8

43- just because you don't agree with me doesn't mean you have to insult me, what's wrong with you? You need to calm down and stop getting so worked up over a comment you disagree with.

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