By Kat - 31/08/2012 01:08 - United States - Tiverton

Today, my boyfriend got a new tattoo. It was a big tattoo of Pikachu on his hip. I told him now I'd feel like I was having sex with an 8-year-old boy. His defense? "No, no, think of it as having sex with Pikachu!" He still refuses to understand why that's weird. FML
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I can just imagine the orgasm sound




1- I don't get it.

5: "PIKA" is one of the only two words pikachu used to say

Pikachu just turned into Cleveland...

What gesture were you in where you can see his hip?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

56- Since he's her boyfriend, don't you think he showed her...?

Never make fun of Pokemon. Also, Pikachu is a badass. I don't want a girl who can't accept my love for Pokemon. Id rather MLP be made fun of because that really is for little kids.

Um, they kind of both are.

I can just imagine the orgasm sound

SeniorHaG 4


Hey OP, does your boyfriend tend to 'pikachu' frequently? Maybe that's the reason he got the tattoo (Do you get the pun?)

B3Y0ND 3

28: Pssst, asking if people understood the joke kills it...

I didn't think people would get it...shame on me for underestimating the intelligence of people on FML. *crawls under a rock and thumbs down own comment*

i thought it was funny... pikachu/ peek at you... nice play on words... i gave it a thumbs up...

Omg that's hilarious

psst. you must be really fun at parties

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You're absolutely right. Kids as old as 12 are also capable of enjoying it.

Actually it is. Most people grow out of it. Like myself.

missalice0306 19

I guess I'm one of the few who didn't. Laugh at me.

Depends what medium you're talking about. The cartoon and any books are obviously for children, probably no older than 11 really as they're pretty simple. The manga however are for older children/teens and the games are for anyone from about 7 up to (and including) adults -there's tons in the mechanics and therefore competitive battling that a child just wouldn't be able to get there head round.

*their, sorry. Also, although I think it's fine to play pokemon, that doesn't mean I think such a tattoo is justified. Maybe something small and cute on a girl on as a small part of a much larger tattoo would look okay if done right but massive hip pikachu on a guy? Um, no thanks.

Fair enough, 44. Although I doubt that many of the adult fans are into the games at all.

The biggest problem is not the tattoo. It is that he doesn't see the OP's point. If his reaction was I don't care, I like it, that'd be one thing but not even see it, there's no taking at that point.

KVKdragon 26

51 - I have to say that you are incorrect about that. I'm in college and I'm also part of a video game club. Nearly all members (18 and up) who do have DS's and 3DS's have at least one Pokemon game, though a majority obviously have Black and White since the game mechanics are vastly improved over the original DS Pokemon games.

bingababe 16

51- I had to buy a Pokemon game for a birthday present last month. For my 54 year old mother.

54 - Note that I said many. Not all.

Actually, I'd say the vast majority of adult pokemon fans are fans because they play the video games, not because they cling on to the cartoons...

Pft, I play Pokemon with my brothers and my nine year old cousin.. I think most of the adult fans are fans of the games.

YDI for thinking tattoos are for eight year olds.

But I am 12 and Ibloody love pokemon

At least he still wants to have sex. I figured any guy with a Pikachu tattoo would have a barn door swinging the other way.

So according to you only gay people like Pokemon?

thehoffy512 4

Maybe you need a new boyfriend

you are one kewl dude, brah

Try Cole Magrath. That would piss him off big time!

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avatar0810 15

That's kinda the point when you get a tattoo.

I wonder if he got it in a certain why so his penis is also pikachus penis

What 74 said. Also, there are MUCH worse tattoos he could of gone with. Comparatively, a tattoo of a iconic character from millions of people's childhoods? Not that bad of a choice.

^ well said, I really want a pikachu tattoo :)

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you ARE aware of the difference between simply enjoying a cartoon and getting a fucking tattoo of Pikachu on your hip, right?

tne201992 12

I mean I love family guy, but you don't see me putting a picture of Peter Griffin on fuckin hip!! This guy took it too far.

gmc_blossom 21

Eh, to each his own, I suppose.

tne201992 12

*my. I had to correct myself, I know I'm late. :P

NNY909 1

I have a Pokeball tattoo on my ribcage. And it makes me happy every time I see it. So I'm with you, if it's something that makes you happy them your significant other should if not support you then at least accept you. Sounds like HE needs a better, less judgmental, mate.

then000bster 16

@41- Why would he have Peter Griffin on his thigh? The only appropriate character would be Quagmire.

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*having *I And really? You'd have sex with an 8-year-old girl instead, huh? Good to know, weirdo.

36. The user name "PedoDolphin" was already taken. Pega must have been the next best thing.

Actually a Pegadolphin is a mix of a Pegasus and a dolphin. It is a dolphin with wings and an orange horn. Also I'm not a pedo.

citymayer 7

You're still lame.

Wow... You are weird..

Citymayer your a douche

Citymayer I'm not the one with fucking walle as my profile picture

thathipsterchick 2

Next time he should try PedoBear :p

MeganLovesPandas 5

FYL OP. Although I have to disagree that Pokemon is only for 8 year olds. SCREW PUBERTY. I will watch Pokemon till the day I die.

No, you won't.

Indeed, 24, and that is why this tattoo was probably not a good idea..

Yes! I'm twenty and still play the games. I don't see the problem here >>

avatar0810 15

I still watch the show and play the games. I will for the rest of my life too.

Check back with us in ten years, 72. I doubt you'll have such an affinity for it by then.

You obviously don't understand us Pokemon fans 86. Most of the adult ones have been playing it since 17 years ago.

I never was a fan. When I was 16-20, I loved doom/resident evil. Those would been batter choices for tats, but I didn't. And I am not disappointed at all that I didn't.

86- I've been a fan since I was six... 14 years. I don't think in ten more years I'll suddenly hate it.

@ all of the above.. Well, lets see when you are around 50. Sure, some will still love it, but you can't be sure about that.

72- you can't call yourself homeboy if you play Pokemon

It's weird that you think you're having sex with an 8year old just because of his tattoo.

tne201992 12

You're an idiot!!! She sees him acting immature for his age. Don't twist this shit around.

Don't be an ass.

43- just because you don't agree with me doesn't mean you have to insult me, what's wrong with you? You need to calm down and stop getting so worked up over a comment you disagree with.

It's not a matter of disagreement, it's simply a matter of you being wrong.

tne201992 12

Oh boo hoo, if you can't take one little comment. Just wait until you get into the real world.