By Anonymous / Monday 8 December 2014 04:35 / United States - Long Beach
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If that actually worked he must be Jesus

By  hunter9141  |  17

Sounds like a real d***

  feelingold  |  18

Fact is, many people fall into this bracket - just sex. But they don't discuss it like that. He's not unusually cold, he's just a fucking idiot. Unless OP was pressuring him with the "do you love me" question in which case she's the idiot.

  theaaxis  |  27

Sometimes that's all you're ready for; I limited myself to 'its-just-pyhsical' relationships for years! Thing is, it's all about being open about that from the start.... that guy is just a jackass.

By  levention  |  18

Some people...

By  TiiBags  |  15

You just don't understand philosophy, and should totally listen to him...

  TiiBags  |  15

Sarcasm and stupidity are two different things. You however, are a dick. Plain and simple. Just because sarcasm is not easy on the Internet doesn't make me an idiot. Anyone who thinks I was actually serious with that comment needs to chill.


People who aren't in love have sex with each other all the time. He could have been elaborating on that reasoning. Though if has previously told his girlfriend he loves her and is resending it that kinda sucks. But hey if the sex is good...

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