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Today, my boyfriend found out about my severe phobia of moths. It's so bad that I sometimes pass out. He caught a moth in a jar, and put it on my bedside table. I woke up, saw it, and had a panic attack. He recorded it all and wants to upload it to YouTube. FML
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We're going to need to have that YouTube link. But honestly, sorry OP. Your boyfriend is a bit of a dick.


We're going to need to have that YouTube link. But honestly, sorry OP. Your boyfriend is a bit of a dick.

Tell him to send it to Break instead. They will give you $1000 for prank clips.

And an additional link to the video of you kicking your bf in the junk after this happened...which I hope you did.

He must have some serious mothballs to do that!

I think a kick to the junk is overreacting a little bit, maybe just prank him back, that way you don't cause any permanent damage

Nope, sorry, that didn't really work.

Kicking someone in the junk isn't considered a prank? Damn you Jackass and Tosh.0 for misleading me all these years.

I honestly am getting tired of some guys thinking there is no reason a guy would ever deserve a kick in the balls. If they were that freaking fragile they wouldn't be outside of our bodies. Some dudes seriously deserve it, take the damn risk...

Actually 79 testicles are outside of the body because it is too hot inside of the body and all the sperm would die if they were inside. They are fragile and probably would be inside the body if it was possible, but if they were inside the body they would just be ovaries because all testicles are are descended ovaries.

#54, I wouldn't say it's an overreaction. Perhaps you don't understand phobias very well, but allow me to explain: every time a phobia is triggered, it makes the phobia a little bit more severe, because the brain becomes more and more conditioned to respond to that particular stimulus with fear. Triggering a phobic attack causes lasting damage, too. OP, your boyfriend is a dickhead, and clearly doesn't respect you very much. Dump him.

Yeah, a dick move on his part. I hope she pays him back with sweet revenge. Like putting his hand in warm water as he sleeps so he pisses himself at night. Haha.

I don't see that type of prank suitable since he messed with her and her severe phobia. He deserves a lot worse

^Peeing in the bed is no where close to a panic attack, that is bring recorded. The boyfriend is a jackass!

When you think it over, do you really want him to pee in the bed when he's right next to you?

When you do the prank, you would obviously sleep somewhere else when he's sleeping... Duh!

Find out his worst fear and get him back. Revenge is sweet.

He would probably cry.

Spiders in bed could be entertaining

It still couldn't be fair. He wouldn't do that kind of things if he had a phobia himself, and there's no common measure between a fear and a phobia.

Put a rat down his shirt while he's sleeping. That's payback.

At least he had the moths in jars. Payback is an understatement for putting a rat down someone's shirt.

Put a french rat on top of his head. That way the rat can control him and force him to do all the cooking for a while.

I would call the police.

Yes of course. Let's call the police because my boyfriend pulled a prank on me. That'll show him!

911: what's seem to be your emergency ma'am? OP: my boyfriend left me a moth in a jar! He knows they scare me but he did it anyway. I had a panic attack. 911:.... We're sorry but the number you have dialed, is for emergency's only. Please hang up.

Next week on cops we follow officer Johnson as he releases a moth from a jar and talks sternly to the man that put it there!

What an insensitive ass. If he does, make him your EX boyfriend.

Pump the brakes! No reason to kick him to the curb for a moth in a jar. Just get him back. A couple that pranks together, stays together.

This isn't like he put saran wrap in the doorway, I don't see it as a prank. Making fun of a phobia crosses the line. People don't realize how crippling a phobia can be. Your SO should support you in your biggest weaknesses, not post them on YouTube.

46 - Agreed. This is abuse. Since he gets a kick from abuse, tell him any repeat will get him kicked out of your life.

#25, a prank to me is something harmless and both can laugh about. Using a phobia against somebody, especially your SO, is going too far. If you know they have an extreme phobia, don't mess with it. Also wanting to put it on YouTube made it worse. I'd dump his ass if he didn't apologize or tried it again.

An eye for an eye, get someone to let the moth go and do the same thing to him using his biggest fear. Film it and this time do upload it on YouTube.

Eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind

An eye for an eye may leave the world blind, but blind men can do little harm

I'm confused as to why he's not your ex-boyfriend. You can do better than a guy who thinks it's funny to torture you.

Maybe you should get a sense of humour and come back

He messed with an extreme phobia of hers on purpose and wanted to post it on YouTube....I wouldn't be laughing if my phobias were used to humor him

yup. having someone use your extreme phobia against you is just a little prank. especially a phobia where there's a chance you'll pass out -_-

He's a keeper!NOT.But hey,at least you now can be more awake when you wake up in the morning! :-)