By FML - 10/12/2011 23:56 - United States

Today, my boyfriend forced me to climb out through his window, because he was too embarrassed at the thought of his room-mate finding out I'd spent the night. FML
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and you did it?

If I were you, I'd find someone that can appreciate you


Can't think of anything funny to say...

Can't think of anything funny to say...

and you did it?

The chances of him ever having a steady relationship went right out the window along with her.

Great boyfriend you have there.

I bet it was his other girl and he just wanted you out of there quick! yep sounds about right.

There should be an "ex" after "boyfriend."

54- A boyfriend ex?

54- Your name suits your comment well

U act like u have done that before xD

Are you sure you're his girlfriend? And not just some hookup?

BEFORE!!! Fail I know, SMH

That wasn't before.

When you say he "forced you out", it sounds like he just threw you out of the window. Otherwise, you should NOT have been exiting from anywhere but the door my friend.

His man card ought to be revoked.

I bet his roommate was his other girlfriend..

Hmmm , am i the only one who thinks her bf is cheating on his "BF" with her :$ (his bi)

Op should leave her boyfriend for someone who is actually proud to have her, instead of someone who treats her like a booty call.

If I were you, I'd find someone that can appreciate you

She should dump him because she should be so embarrassed of a guy who's embarrassed to be with her. I agree, op should get a grateful bf.

He should be proud you slep over.

I agree with 80! He should be comfortable and happy with the fact that you spent the night with him!

Wow, what a douche.

Yeah. Also I don't think he knows you're dating.

Honey.. Maybe you shoulda kicked the window out.. That is complete bull shit!!! Sorry doll FYL

But then she would have had to climb on broken glass...

No. Lol I would have pushed him through the broken window. Then I'd take my happy ass right thru the front door and let him suffer embarrassment from his friends while he sits in broken glass... But that's just me...

Tell him to get over it.

Have fun with it! You can be the dominate female!

Did you even read the fml?

A man gotta be proud of his woman! =

why the fuck are you still with him ?