By doubletrouble - 22/04/2011 14:40 - United States

Today, my boyfriend finally found a roommate after hopelessly looking for months. I was really anxious to meet the guy because I would most likely be spending a good amount of time with him. Who did my boyfriend end up picking as his new roommate? My ex-boyfriend. FML
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this looks like a messy job. maybe you should go in and live with them so they dont get in a big fight. women always help between fights. just walk around naked. it'll be ok!

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so you could say he (puts on sunglasses) BUMPED THE CHUMP? yeeeeeaaaahhhhh!!

well, in case youre not into 3somes, make sure your ex doesn't tell your bf that you guys used to do the dirtaaaayy. then you can alternate. but 3some would be better!

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aaaahhh thats what i was thinking!!!! lol

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that's exactly what I thought when I first read this

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devils threesome =O?

hahah first thing that came to my mind p.s emilyheartskatie: you're cute!

When i first read this i was so sure it would say he chose his old crush as roommate or something, but then i read ex-boyfriend and changed my mind to threesome.

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Yes. obvious thing to do here is to get the awkwardness out of the way with a threesome.

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Lol OP is about to get double teamed.

Am i the only person that wasn't thinking that?

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No your not the only person, I wasn't thinking that either

three way was the first thing that popped into my head

That was his plan the whole time. Thats why he did it :D

not a bad idea if you have had sex with ex before.

Well at least I'm not the only person to think it - threesome ;)

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I totally was thinking threesome too...

me too. could be fun! lol

Ooooooooo my god I was like totally thinking threesome when I read this what a frigging coincidence?!

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hahah this is soo funny I was thinking of threesome as well hahah(:

lmfaooooo sucks.

Did he know he's your ex-boyfriend? Anyway, just stay at your place.

Who cares. An ex shouldn't stop you from staying with your boyfriend.

that sucks really bad but thats still mad funny

this looks like a messy job. maybe you should go in and live with them so they dont get in a big fight. women always help between fights. just walk around naked. it'll be ok!

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Haha that's a grand idea!

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I don't think he intentionally did it to fuck you over. They probably get along very well, you're going to have to suck it up. The situation, not him.

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lol @ suck it up comment

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Op just wanted a good roommate for her boyfriend so she could sleep with him. Well, it seems to have worked out well

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that's exactly what I was thinking aha

I can assume he chose him as a room mate because they have a lot in common. Which must mean you know what you want in a man. ;)

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Get your fucking winky face out of here

Winky face? I don't get it. So it's not much of an insult. :)

40, want some lotion for that BURN? ^^

I still don't get it!

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;) is a winky face. you used it.

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Nope nope she used a smiley face. One of these :) Hes talking about your picture. Because your hair casts a shadow over your eye it makes it looks as if your eye my be winking. That's what I'm gathering!!! The world may never know....?

Oh, now I get it. I will just assume that some horrible tragedy happened to the poor guy, where a Winky face was involved.

No? It's because you used a winky face in your comment... Way to think way too into it morons.