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  13yearoldboy  |  0

lol either training you to be a successful taxi driver, OR completely using you and being too much of a failure to pay for his own gas. know what? make him pay for it! and if he refuses.. slash the bastard's tires!

  HSOMGF  |  5

Wow, your comment was so helpful and full of insight. I'll bet you deliberately drive through puddles to splash people on the side of the road, too.

  thatonename  |  7

90. you're a bitch. why the nuts? the face, the kidneys, anywhere but the nuts.... that's just not right. besides cheating, there is very little that warrants a nut shot....

  kcluna  |  6

Let me help you out 118- "I knew that shit was coming... so I don't give a fuck... that you don't give a fuck, that I don't give a fuck, about her not giving a fuck!!"

  agaba  |  0

why the fuck do people keep fucking telling muther fucking people to shut the fuck up and fuck off ok just stop fucking cursing god the nerve of some people

  fthku  |  13

*Some people have no heart. People deserve better.
Fixed #134.

Why aren't people jumping on 134 for being "sexist"?
Damn you, hypocrisy, you win again.

  chimpsndip  |  0

Yeah, but smashing his car? C'mon. I thought revenge was never the answer. But if she is gonna get revenge, I wouldn't do something that could get her in trouble and cost thousands.

  traze  |  7

Yeah...go shopping at your local smash a car mart and get ski mask, specialty bat for smashing windows and kicks made for a quick get away...

  CitrusGirl  |  0

Child, I want to go through all your comments and be a grammar Nazi. Not only did you apperently flunk English class, your comments make me want to troll you.