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Today, my boyfriend dumped me. He said he would have done it two weeks ago but he needed someone to drive him around while his car was getting repaired. FML
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make him pay for gas

pretend you want to give him a bj and then punch his balls back to where his childhood was


make him pay for gas

This is my first comment ever.

he was thoughtfully training you to be a taxi driver. what a nice boyfriend

pretend you want to give him a bj and then punch his balls back to where his childhood was

38- no one gives a fuck.

lol either training you to be a successful taxi driver, OR completely using you and being too much of a failure to pay for his own gas. know what? make him pay for it! and if he refuses.. slash the bastard's tires!

Wow, your comment was so helpful and full of insight. I'll bet you deliberately drive through puddles to splash people on the side of the road, too.

what don't you just go repair his f-ing face?

48- no one gives a fuck that u don't give a fuck

stop fucking cursing!

76, your so bad. tell me more.

Drive to his house walk up to the door kneel on the floor knock and as he opens the door PUNCH HIM IN HIS FUCKING NUTS!!! Nuff said

81 no one gives a fuck that you don't give a fuck about him not giving a fuck!

90. you're a bitch. why the nuts? the face, the kidneys, anywhere but the nuts.... that's just not right. besides cheating, there is very little that warrants a nut shot....

101- I knew that shit was coming ^^so I don't give a fuck

Let me help you out 118- "I knew that shit was coming... so I don't give a fuck... that you don't give a fuck, that I don't give a fuck, about her not giving a fuck!!"

why the fuck do people keep fucking telling muther fucking people to shut the fuck up and fuck off ok just stop fucking cursing god the nerve of some people

naw, just make him pay period. not just for gas....paybacks a biitcch:}

hah you should take a bat to his car. then make him lay for gas

That's a dick move on his part.

well duh open up your eyes fag

123- only if you are one[:

fuck within a fuck. fuckception.

adding on to 90... after punching him in the balls and he asks "why??" point to him and say "You know why! You know why!"

58, no one gives a fuck, about you not giving a fuck, about 48 not giving a fuck!!!!

173- I not the one not giving a fuck! It's 101

@ #44 Ouch!!! but I gave your comment a thumbs up anyway. lol

that's messed up

How? OP's bf was riding her, in a very nonsexual way, however.

some guys have no heart. girls deserve better

that's an excuse if I've ever heard one...

*Some people have no heart. People deserve better. Fixed #134. Why aren't people jumping on 134 for being "sexist"? Damn you, hypocrisy, you win again.

she must have drove him crazy.

actually 2- thats fucked up

Smash his fucking car that jack off.

What?! Why would you smash his car? Don't you think that that's a little over the top for what he did?

He used her like a taxi...and planed to dump her...or do you like to be used like a cheap whore?

We people tend to express our emotional rage when confronted with indignities, through the Internet.

Yeah, but smashing his car? C'mon. I thought revenge was never the answer. But if she is gonna get revenge, I wouldn't do something that could get her in trouble and cost thousands.

Well you have a point there...,but still his doings was fucked up and karma is still a bitch.

no, revenge is always the answer

Extreme: cut off his eyelids

more extreme: cut off his eyes

even more extreme: cut off his eyelids, tie up him and his family and cut out their eyes. while he watches, unable to close his eyes.

fuk the car up don't let him get away with being a dick. Get some dignity 4 urself

Yeah...go shopping at your local smash a car mart and get ski mask, specialty bat for smashing windows and kicks made for a quick get away...

52 as you said karma's a bitch but If she took revenge she would get her karma back some day

172-I was withdrawing my first suggested fix and referencing to the bf...

that's incredibly fucked up! you gotta get back at him for using you

this guy is right. anyone have ideas for revenge?

yes! sleep with his dad.

revenge plots should include you doing something to his car.

This is a guy who thinks ahead. At least he does that well...

- u knowwww!!! ( ice cube voice)

i think OP's the tool because she got used.

i think you're the tool cause you called op a tool.

I lift things up, and put them down!

Run him over with the car you drove him around in :D

Normally I'd do a one line pun but I'll say this. Karma has its way of catching up to him and he'll get what's coming!

well Srry to say but umm....he used u

No, really?! Way to point out the obvious.

wow, u no the point 2. duh!

hey 12 no shit Sherlock of course she got used I agree wit the first reply to u

captain obvious strikes again

Captain Obvious now is visiting FML! Let me assure you- this is only a clone. BUT BE WARNED: AVOID THE OBVIOUS 0.o

Child, I want to go through all your comments and be a grammar Nazi. Not only did you apperently flunk English class, your comments make me want to troll you.

did you purposely misspell aparently? I'm the so-called grammar Allied Force.

Nope, that was an accident. Thanks for pointing it out :)