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  mariri9206  |  32

He may not have known that OP was going to see him. OP could have been planning to surprise him. It is a pathetic way to break up with someone and he definitely should have done it to OP's face, instead of having his mom do it through facebook.

  Lalala579121  |  27

He can't exactly do it face to face since they don't even live on the same continent. Sure it was bad to get his mom to do it for him, though for all we know his mom could have just done it on her own.

And if he had known about the trip it's much better to break up beforehand than wait until after OP is there and make the entire trip extremely awkward. At least OP doesn't have to go through that.

By  FMZiggy  |  22

I'd say he did it just in time, so you didn't have to make the trip for nothing. Getting his mom to do it for him was pathetic though. I hope you'll get over him soon

By  Moerighan  |  23

What a fucking coward, you probably dodged a bullet there OP, though I would probably check with him first just to make sure he actually DID tell her to do that, I've met some pretty insane possessive women over their sons. She might have done it on her own knowing you were coming.