By Lily - 23/03/2009 01:10 - United States

Today, my boyfriend dumped me because he said he needed to be with someone smart so that he could impress his parents. I just got accepted into medical school. When I pointed that out to him, he added that he needed to be with someone attractive. FML
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Brains= SEXY. :)

So he dated you not thinking you were attractive?


Brains= SEXY. :)

So he dated you not thinking you were attractive?

ryanebk 7

Most med students I know are fat and or ugly. He has a point. Also they don't care after their bodies

ShadowlessSpear 21

Or smart?

I'll date you instead! haha getting into Med school is definitely sexy.

ShadowlessSpear 21

Until you have to spend an hour sanitizing before sexy time.

ohboyscott 0

That guy is an idiot. Forget him. Good luck in school!

Well he's just an asshole that will never be happy

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Good luck in school! remember jerk always jerk :)

I'm almost done my first year of med school. Trust me you want to be single. Hot, smart going-to-be doctors. Best year of my life.

whoa... seems like a lot of med. students have FMLs... lucky that im not a med student

Agree with #7. You're going to med school = plenty of hot future doctors. My gf and I are in medical school together and it's awesome. And why does everyone think it's attractive to be like "oh you got into medical school, I'll date you!"? Just what I want, someone who wants to date me because of my career (and future income?).

Agree with #7. His loss. You are far too good for him and will be much better off without him. Congrats on getting into med school!