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  imbatman_fml  |  0

No. 1 rule of dating anyone of any sex: Dont ever tell them something they do or like is not normal. It implies they're weird, unlike your past acquaintances or other issues. If you wish to alter poor behavior like this lack of cleanliness, suggest he shower more so you can do more intimate things, randomly spill things on him, or leave him. Everyone has a right to be themselves but not to be loved.

  woofis  |  0

kinda mean? I don't know y u would want to be with him if he is sensetive enough to be offended by you commenting on his personal choice. on top of that, showering once a month? he must have layers of dirt

  Monikabug  |  9

Awww Boo Hoo for you, you got dumped by a guy who had horrendous hygiene, because you were a jerk to him. And this is a FYL how? You caused this. If his hygiene bothered you that badly, which is understandable since it is different than yours, you could have went about it in another way. A less bitchy, more suttle way.


  Joey7361  |  0

more like "today I got dumped by a guy who showers once a month, fml" then again I see you're writing from Texas so it's not too surprising lol, I live in Houston and showering less than once-twice daily is like swimming in dirt with a bunch of pigs lol

  MattCole  |  0

If he is that dirty, don't have sex without a condom or else you might get an infection. Your boyfriend was being inconsiderate of you by burdening you with his offensive hygiene. Enjoy the fresh air now.

  cater2U  |  0

I'm pretty sure your life is better because you dumped that nasty dirtball. now you can go places without people looking for the nasty smell

  pinkpolsih  |  0

back then the Europeans only showered once a year. and the rich wealthy queen showered 3 times a year! is your boyfriend European? that might explain a little.

  marc33  |  0

no.. he got rid of her! lol still can't believe u were sleeping man that hasn't showered a month!!! was wondering how long that once a month shower takes..?!! I bet u it less than 10 min! what's wrong with all these ppl??? :(

By  aeliz  |  0

Yeah, that's really gross. Men are questionable after missing a couple days worth of showers. Some women too, I guess. Well. I guess he wasn't worth your time anyway, if he'd break up with you over something so dumb.

And I agree with astro. :P