By Anonymous - 05/01/2012 16:58 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend dumped me, all because he's scared of my mother. FML
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littlegold 7

Haha, your not the first one... It has happened to me.


littlegold 7

Haha, your not the first one... It has happened to me.

My moms 4'11". No ones ever been scared of her. And yes she's Asian. :D

That's a legit reason. My mother scares the crap out of my friends.

socalsky 0

OR he needed an excuse to dump you.

flakitaa22 0

I'm gonna guess that that was OP's mother's goal.

Why are you guys even involving family in your intimate relationships in the first place? Unless you're a teenager, this shouldn't even be an issue.

missamazinggg 12

43- we involve our parents if its serious because it nice for your significant other to know your family.

You might think that, but he certainly doesn't.

43 there's so much wrong with which you just said.

eyeIoveyou 4

he's dating you, not your mother. maybe this will be better for the both of you guys.

YDI for not puttin yo mom back in her place!

43- Parents don't like surprizes. Parents want to know who the hell you're dating. Parents want to be sure you're safe with who you are dating. Parents should be involved for those reasons and more. Ha, this comment almost sounds as stupid as yours.

My mom scares the crap out of me when it comes to girls.

IMaquarkI 3

lol I've done it once. When I was 16, I met this girl's mom. I said hi. She said, "if your penis goes anywhere near my daughter, I'll chop it off, cut it into little pieces, throw it in stew, and make you eat it." nice to meet you too... lol

This comment makes no sense at all.... Normally in a serious relationship you're going to have encounters with your bf/gf's parents.

CondomSense 4

I find it hilarious when people jokingly reference other FML's!

Tell him to deal with it. The first time I met my girlfriends mother she told me to get the hell out of her house. Now I can walk in without knocking and everyones fine with it.

@97--Those reasons only apply if you're a teenager or still living with your parents for some reason. As long as it doesn't involve bringing someone into their home, your parents have no business being involved with your sex life.

Sometime people cant count. My mother butts in my relationship all the time and I've tried telling her not to.

I feel your pain. My mom had a nack for intimidating every guy I introduce to her. it takes a very strong man to give it back to her. and I don't live at home.

He obviously didn't care that much about you if he will let family get in the way of your relationship. So FYL and I hope you find someone who really cares soon!

That sucks.. I'd never do that.. Although, mothers can be ******* scary at times!

agreed.. it is no coincedence "mother in law" is made of the same letters as "woman hitler"

AlaskanEskimo34 0

Well at least you know he doesn't really love you. He needs to grow some balls and man up.

Mandy0325 1

If he really liked you your mother wouldn't matter to him... Guess he didn't really like you:/

GirlWithHair 4

13- uhm yeah! You want a boyfriend girlier than your mother? Good luck with justin Bieber, lemme know how it works out.

Yeah, I guess it's better to have no boyfriend than to have a boyfriend lacking testicles.

Mandy0325 1

Next time you should get married to the guy before he meets your mother:)

fijianchick 0

That's sucks but it is pretty funny

The_Troller 14

4- That's the whole point of this website, all of the stories are supposed to be like that.

The_Troller 14

Wow, I got here before WCARLover.

Yay I did that to one of my exs she got so mad at me but her mom was so mean

sounds about right. fix her and maybe you get him back

Yes, she is a mechanical device sent from the future to obliterate OP's boyfriend. She just needs the chip, which is currently in a secret lab in Japan, that will give her a nice personality. With that chip, she can lure OP's boyfriend in and then kill him in his sleep. Either that or she has arms the size of his neck.

SW500 13

Well parents can ruin relationships on occasion.

It's happened to me! Poor OP, if they weren't willing to stay, they weren't worth it

Very true. For instance my mother in law was mean serious at first but seeing that i stuck around through that shes now cool as hell. Ops ex bf was a freaking wimp.

so true. happened to me today. FML. but keep smiling right? ;)

markrs 0

Step-Mothers are scary....what's that movie with J-Ho? I mean J-Ho? Shoot I meant J-Lo!

......Monster in Law.....not proud I know that....:p

GarciaSwaqgg 3

You shouldn't have let him meet your mom.

He didn't. She stalked them on all their dates, and kept staring at them.