Today, my boyfriend decided it was time to spice up our sex life. He now watches Sons Of Anarchy when we have sex. FML

By Anonymous - / Thursday 20 March 2014 02:43 / United States - Canyon
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should bring up questions of his sexuality. . . that's a male dominated show. while yes there is a few sexy shots, they are few and far between. . . and still most of those are more guy ass than girl.

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I am truly sorry. I think you should give him a well thought out and well worded reason for why that is a really stupid idea. Coming from a guy, I would never consider distracting myself in bed from my gf.


Today, I held a party for my family so I could announce my pregnancy. In the middle of my speech, my mother stopped me, saying, "Nobody gives a rat's ass, where's the booze?" FML

By opherehehhehe - / Tuesday 25 June 2013 04:04 / Canada - Calgary
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