By types - 02/03/2012 15:01 - United States

Today, my boyfriend decided he is going to narrate everything I do. I can't get him to stop. FML
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Redoxx_fml 22

"And then she typed angrily on her computer all the while telling me to stop narrating"

Peter Griffin?


French_Toast_fml 3


I would love if my bf did that! Hahahahaha

Convince him to play a theme song for evrything you do.

nublets 12

'and now shes posting on fml..'

Yeah. Except pooping, and sex would become pretty awkward.

JayJaysGirl 0

Start calling your boyfriend 'Polly'...get it? Like a parrot?(;

2: I was thinking the same thing! That would be hilarious!

addiizcherry 0

Now my GF slowly walks to the computer with a determined face! Boom! She quickly goes to and types in how she thinks I'm annoying. She waits for 3 hours to be moderated. She checks back and her post has been confirmed. Mission accomplished.

Does he narrate when your giving him a blow job? cause that would be ...awesome!

Says OP's BF: "Now she is going up, now she is going down now she is going up now she is going down now she is getting off now she is mad at me now she is going to bed now she is snoring she is breathing in out in our in i have to leave"

Tali147 16

My boyfriend does that! He does it in a British accent. It's cute at first, but gets super annoying.

Peter Griffin?

lol imagine that..have a theme song for everything you do.

More like Randy Newman after the apocalypse.

Left foot right foot

marit1997 4

i walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table...

Hahahhahahaha! No.

I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. I looked with a grimace at the questionable meal Lois had placed in front of me. Of course I'd never tell her how disgusted I was with her cooking, but somehow I think she knew. Lois had always been full of energy and life, but lately I had begun to grow more aware of her aging. The bright, exuberant eyes that I had fallen in love with were now beginning to grow dull and listless with the long fatigue of a weary life... ... I woke several hours later in a daze.

tell him you'll blow him if he stops. that should do the trick

"and here she is now, licking it like a strawberry ice cream cone."

Then he'll know that he'll get a bj if he does it again. She needs to kick him in the balls every time he does it, that'll get him to stop.

danni218 1

sit on his face...

Inheritance 10

Better yet say no sex then he'll stop lol

At least you wont lose your keys/phone etc.

"There she is in her natural habitat.. Gracefully making a sandwich... such a magnificent sight to behold.."

Is your name Lois?

I just stalked your profile. O.o

French_Toast_fml 3

Look at the bright side: you get to feel like a star athlete with somebody doing a play-by play of everything you do!

now all you have to do is record him, and in a year or two, you have a feature film called "An Average Girl" that will win awards for no reason.

Now all you need is some dramatic background music.

The_Troller 14

OP should get one of her friends to hum epic music as her boyfriend narrates.

Redoxx_fml 22

"And then she typed angrily on her computer all the while telling me to stop narrating"

That what I was gonna say! Haha!

You sir, win the Internet.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

If he does it in a Morgan Freeman voice, he is awesome.

If she's hearing a Morgan Freeman voice, it's probably just Freemanic paracusia.

stevenJB 25

Itd be just as cool to have Seth Rouen narrating

stevenJB 25

Rogen* sry auto correct