By Anonymous - 31/05/2010 00:27 - United States

Today, my boyfriend came home while I was making a snack in the kitchen. We started making out and he lifted me up and sat my ass on the hot stove. FML
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Hahaha he lit that ass on fire! Bravo

Oh baby yes, move your tongue like--OH DEAR GOD MY ASS AAAUUGGGHHHHHH


shittt fuck your life.

now THATS hot steamy sex cooking up some ham ahh i cant come up with any good puns lol

ahaha he's branded you now!!

He tried to make you into a snack! Ok, I can understand on the kitchen bench... but the stove?? and you didn't tell him to stop when he went to put you on a hot stove???

lmfao! #16, good one

guess the buns burned 

I'm guessing he didn't need several tries to put her on it. It takes a few seconds. FYAssesL

Ouch! :( I hope you had pants on!

at least u know where your place is (heavy makeout sesh)   bf:hey babe r u cooking bacon? you ahhhhhhfuuuuukkkxgxhafki

damn you have a hot ass but hey OP, not FYL, more like you can have him hold ice to ur ass while you guys are getting it on, cuz at least your sex life seems okay :p

lol ouch!!! suxs for u alot op u should of been somewhere else

Peacemaker! your back! Lol, it's been a while

hey!!! how r u? yea it's been way too long!

Lol, where'd you go?! I'm pretty good actually! No more school! :):) How are you?

doing ok....still in school til the 23rd...I've been busy lately with school and life in general...just enjoying my three day weekend.....was at the pool all day yesterday came back and had a Bon fire- got to chop the wood-, today had a bqq in the front of my house and partied til midnight

At least you had pants on? Hopefully.

Lol that sounds like last weekend for me. I had a Bon fire and a pool party. Sooo much fun. Haha I can't believe it's not summer for you though! I got out last Thursday :) and I lovee it! Lol but I'm glad your long weekend has been good.

Ty....let's see: I got tomorrow off from school then the next Monday and Friday after that and the the following monday after that then finals. this is going to go by fast for me

guess he wanted you well done :)

Ughhh. Finals. Finals went by so slow for me lol. I can barely do well on regular testing let alone finals. Haha but if you think it's gonna go by fast for you then congratulations! Lol

lol agreed finals suck....but if I have to take it then whatever at least it's summer soon....

Haha soon for you. Summer is already here for me :) What are you gonna do during summer?

imaginaryvoice.... how old are you?

Lol, how old do you think I am?

wooooo i just noticed i got first! suckk it bitchsss

imaginaryvoice: idk 19? #66 ha ha fail

family camping....alot of it too....might get a tattoo at some point during summer just not sure what though I'm undecided between 3-4 tattoos....and work out alot whenever I'm not busy with friends and family

Really? 19? Hm. That'll come in handy sometime. Lol

Raleigh: is that a tattoo in your right arm?

imaginaryvoice, so I'm guessing your not 19 then?

I'm going to guess 17-18 yts I right? oh btw ur falling behind in the fml tag lol there's 3 fmls to check now....

Oh damn. Lol hi Raleigh! I want a tattoo too peacemaker. But nothing big lol. I have no idea what I'm doing for summer. Just hang out with people and play it by ear I guess. Lol Rofl, and I'm not 17, 18, or 19

fine 16 that's my final offer!!!

imaginaryvoice... 21?

Rofl, 16 and 21. Somethings not right here. fafp

79- dude u make it sound like ur trying to figure out if she's a minor still....kinda pedo don't u think? no offense to you at all, that's just what it looks like to me.

Not another stalker!! Raleigh! Nick! Help! lol

#81 what are talking about. and how can I be a pedofile when I'm 16?

oh I remember that though... ok it's starting to come back now....wait a minute...ur the one that pushed me down into the grave!!!! that wasn't nice.... but ok fine I'll help * stands in front of u holding the crowd back* "ok.. ok plp back it up back it up..." lol

*cracks knuckles* Do I have to break some legs, IV?

85- srry dude...I think a bit more than needed sometimes.....oh and I didn't know that ur 16, that's the thing with the itouch they don't let u check the profiles and it's kinda dumb too.... srry bout that

Haha you guys are great! He seems pretty innocent. He said he was 16. How much harm can a 16 year old do? *looks down and blushes*

I don't know I mean u pushed me in a hole and left me there....but u made up for it by being nice and sweet so I'm going to have to day absoultely none.... I hope...cuz last time was no fun at all!!

If you want... I'll let you push me into a grave... :)

no!!! out of the question. ur too nice for me to do that to u....besides the suckup in me would just get u out right away. not saying that I would if I wasn't one

Haha right, right. Aww well that's for the nice comments! Makes me feel all special inside. :) Haha And it's good to know that if I ever need saving in a grave, I can count on you to help me. Lol

glad I can help...hey wat happened to body guard #2?

Raleigh? Idk, it's late for him. Lol he might have fallen asleep. Whadda body guard. Pfft.

I get his cut right? it's 2:24 here in Cali

Ahhh I'm from Cali! Los Angeles baby! haha. And yes, you can have his shift if youd like. Of course I wouldn't mind you sticking around. Lol

nick, there's a spider in my room. o.o Idk what's going to make me cry, the spider or Anti flood.

peacemaker where are you from?

lmaginaryvoice: is it a big one?

Yes it's freakin Ginormous! Kill it please! I don't even know where it went but kill it. oh, and it's 4:33 here in Missouri. lol

u made that sound like an invitation almost but nope not going there and that's horrible!!! a spider!!! great the one day I forget my spider killin gear.....and I'm in lake forest dude

ok Abbie two things: 1. let me guess ur on a trip aren't u? 2. ur falling behind on the other two fml

Haha I'm not on a trip. And I'm in the middle of a spider crisis here. Lol

*looks around* I don't see it-.... omg it's on ur head!!!! wait nvm no it's not....*looks around more*....*whispers* found it... it's on reliaghs face.. shhhh!

Hahahahhaa awww poor Raleigh! kill it nick, kill it!

i was thinking, the same like uhh ur gonna be put on the stove unless u didnt notice shouldnt u like say no??

"Let this be a lesson to you, hot ass!" Place the quote for twenty awesome points! 

What's cookin' good lookin'? 

where have I seen this before?

134- it's a video on youtube... haha I thought more people would call it :L

YouTube oldie but goodie.

What video was that? I've never seen it. D:

lol burn baby burnnn! fyl op! that must have hurt! hopefully it wasn't verry severe n won't leave you scared for life :)

omg fyl that SUCKS! #16 wins btw :) but wow that's rough

DAAAAAYYYUUUUMM. You must have one hottt ass, OP. Lol. FYL, OP. I hope you didn't burn your buns too bad.

Aparently ur bf thought u r not hot enough.  Or maybe he just needed some bacon. 

that burn was proboly better thAn his sex

That's what you get for not making him a sandwich, I mean you were already there

hot sex right there

haha something like that happened in a James bond movie

toasted buns anybody? I loled harder at some of these comments than any of the recent FMLs. they just aren't as funny these days.... must be the economy...

Hahaha he lit that ass on fire! Bravo

Really? I thought it was a win.

YDI for making a hot snack.....a snack is chips...

-cough- motherfucking idiot - cough- How was she supposed to know that her bf would set her on a freeking stove?!?! What if this happened to you? Would you say 'Well, it's my fault for liking the foods I do' Stupidass.

this reminds me of some video out there on the Internet...

I was just thinking the same thing...

yeah.. i saw a video just like that on YouTube .

same. saw a video like that at least 10 years ago it's this video. Also makes me think of the song by kings of leon sex on fire

is that picture really of you?

Cool pic! I have the same hair, but with red I'm the front ۥ_)))


....a snack is funyons....

hahahaha awesome.

do you have a facebook?(:

are you. chick or dude!?

This conversation went tangential very fast.

Oh baby yes, move your tongue like--OH DEAR GOD MY ASS AAAUUGGGHHHHHH

lmao sucks for you OP!!

*cracks up* Win!! HAHA;