By sopheeah - 29/05/2012 07:54 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, my boyfriend called me, panicking. Apparently he had a headache, but wasn't concentrating on what tablets he grabbed, and accidentally took tablets for "relief of period pain". He was convinced he was going to grow ovaries overnight. FML
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What idiot doesn't look at what he takes?

YOU DON'T KNOW ME! *runs away sobbing*


Period medicine helps for headaches and vice versa. Lol.

I think that period meds help with headaches, but headache meds will only help the headaches of a period. This probably varies from medication to medication, but I believe that none will stimulate your body to grow ovaries.....FYL OP

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2 is right. Read the drug facts: Period meds such as midol and pain meds like Aleve have the same active ingredient, naproxen sodium. Your boyfriend is an idiot op. fyl for having to deal with that.

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Addition to my comment. Depending on the type of Midol you get they have one of three pain relieving ingredients. Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil), Naproxen Sodium (Aleve). No reason to worry, or pay more for Midol than one of the other meds.

False! Period medicine will grow ovaries AND a uterus. Also you will be pregnant!

Actually, 8, someone didn't read the drug facts closely enough. If you read carefully, the back of the Midol bottle indicates that one possible side effect is growth of ovaries/change of gender. Things like this just add to teenage confusion.

10- what the hell are you on? Where's Doc? he could explain this to you morons.

HeroBrine - the main ingredients in these "pms" medicines are ibuprofen, paracetamol (Tylenol), or naproxen mixed with caffeine and an antihistamine. Some contain a weak diuretic. But their main purpose is pain control, so they will all work quite well for a headache, and a regular headache medicine will also work quite well for pms symptoms.

Wow, I was having a major brain malfunction there. I read it as "period meds will help with headaches, and headaches will help with period meds". I've been reading too much FML today...

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On another note, the poster is from Australia, so most of the ingredients you've listed make no sense to an Aussie like me. Ibuprofen, yes. But the other 2 I've not heard of. I would go as far as assuming the posters boyfriend took Nurofen Period Pain. It's active ingredients are Ibuprofen and Codeine. Which also happens to be the same active ingredients as the Nurofen Migraine pain. Don't quote me though, I could be wrong. This is just off the top of my head. Feel free to search the wonderful world that is google though.

What idiot doesn't look at what he takes?

Life's a gamble buddy who has time to check the labels on potentially dangerous medication?

Another question is why would anyone leave medicine that could be potentially harmful over at someone's house? Assuming OP is the owner of the medication of course.

If everyone were careful about what they put in their mouths and what they let in their vagina or where they put their penis, this website would not exist.

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Well, if there are no kids around, it's perfectly reasonable to have brought some medicine and forget to retrieve it. The stupid part was taking medicine without paying attention to the label. of course, the print size is so damn small that I can sometimes understand people not taking the time to fully read it if they are physically incapable of reading the font size. Why do drug companies do this?

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@40: For OTC meds, especially brand name ones, the name of the medication is in large lettering to emblazon itself on your memory so you'll ask for the brand name next time. Have you ever actually heard anyone ask for "acetaminophen"?

All I'm saying is its not excusable for competent adult to leave something important as medication lying around. Especially medicine that's gender specific. It could have an adverse effect if not a full blown possibly fatal reaction.

Better hide the vitamins. And the fruit. And anything else that could choke you. Or potentially harm you. Like sporks. And windows. And cars. And pepper spray.

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Apparently OP's boyfriend lol

The same idiot who thinks taking mess for PMS will make him grow an organ he shouldn't even have.

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next thing you know he'll be saying he doesn't wanna have sex so you won't "impregnate" him.

Put him on birth control if the thought of taking another pill doesn't send him into an anxiety attack.

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Don't ever give a male birth control pills. It could mess up his body. Hormones are not something you should mess with. Especially the potency of birth controlling pills. Some kid ended up in ER because his girlfriend and him decided to switch contraceptives.

88- Yeah, you're right. I was simply poking fun at OP's boyfriend. For all you men who do not understand sarcasm, DO NOT take birth control! They make you grow ovaries.

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Losing your nuts is scary s***. If you were a dude you would understand.

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pain medicine is pain medicine

If you look at the ingredients of the popular pain meds in Australia, they're all the same just with different "uses" and pricing.

Sounds like he's been taking children's aspirin...

Smart guy you got there.

At least it wasn't Viagra.

Accoding to this guy, viagra might make me grow a penis. Which would make sexytimes... interesting.

You should've been supportive and went to go buy him some tampons.

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What if he prefers pads? OP, you should get both to be on the safe side.

And chocolate. Don't forget the chocolate.

take some one a day men's and tell him you wear the pants now

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Way to emasculate yourself (mentally and emotionally, not physically)

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It's a good thing it's not a crime to be an idiot, or your bf would be in jail... Smh