By Porche - 12/11/2015 16:24 - United Kingdom - London

Today, my boyfriend called me at work and said, "I hate to do this over the phone..." I burst into tears, thinking he was going to break up with me. Turns out he only ate my last doughnut. Now my co-workers think I'm a weirdo. FML
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I still would've cried

I'd cry more about a donut tbh


I still would've cried

The classy thing woulda been to get replacements after you ate the donut. But then you coulda just ate the fresh donut. And this all requires clothes...

Atleast it wasn't the last muffin OP!

I'd cry more about a donut tbh

Doughnuts > boys

You didn't cry over the doughnut. What's wrong with you?

Doughnuts are definitely something to cry over lol.

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I hope you mean ex-doughnut

The next day: "Today, I called my girlfriend during work to tell her I ate the last doughnut, and I started by saying, "I hate to do this over the phone." She burst into tears because she thought I was breaking up with her. When she got home, she dumped me. FML"

Dough-nut jump to conclusions OP

Hey, I thought this was a pretty neat pun. Or maybe I have lower standards than I thought...

I was just trying to keep things simple

you might need to stop by the donut shop after work... you emotional wreck you, lol

I'm glad it was just a doughnut, but it sounds like you have severe self-esteem issues

worth crying over to be honest