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  MelonLord1544  |  11

Just so you know, it's a really long story why I hate SkythekidRS. It all started when I was playing on aviator's server, and built a melon out of melon blocks and assorted wools. I got griefed soon enough, and the griefed posted a large amount of signs that said "SKY ONLY! BUTTER ONLY!" That rung to me how awful sky army was, and how insane it's followers are. Sky does minecraft, I will hunt you down oh so bad >:U


Wow, 81! I think you touched a soft spot. 101 is sitting in the corner breathing heavily with angry tears in their eyes contemplating smashing your face in with their keyboard. Careful you don't say anything else about Minecraft or they might just snap.

  \  |  28

Creepers are something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Not even in the virtual world.

By  Absoluezer0  |  12

Now you have excuse to smash his laptop.