By youngblood - 20/06/2011 01:20 - United States

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me. His reason was because he's moving away for college. That won't be for another year. FML
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Smart guy, he's thinking ahead.

I see it as being kind of thoughtful. If he knew he was going to break up with you in a year anyway, maybe he was trying to spare your feelings. Usually the longer a couple is together, the closer they are. It's possible he just didn't want you to become more attached then you already are. I don't really understand why he would break up with you just because he was going to college. It seems like you will be better off without him. You'll find the right guy soon.


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well it was bound to happen...

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he's planning ahead

people are known to change their minds. if he wasn't going away to college for another year he still has that time to consider his choice and determine if it's the best program for him.

The thing is that the OP is crying now, but wont cry (possibly) harder when she is broken up with later as she would be more attached to her boyfriends humongous dick....ness

really what a dumb ass !! he should've take advantage of OP then fuck her !!!

6joe9 I hope your comment is moderated.. seriously dude.

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He want to go to college WITHOUT an STD.

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I was recently in the same situation as her boyfriend and I tried staying with my girlfriend but the fact that I was moving away soon ruined our relationship and made us resent each other... I hope you two can still be friends after your break up

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could be worse... you could be pregnant.

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He's only doing the inevitable.

No, he's not a jerk. He's only being sensible. he doesn't want to have to go through the break up just before college, would you?That's too much stress. It's inevitable, plus, a lot can happen in a year. after that year, if they were still dating, they would be closer, and the break-up would be even harder.

But why should going to college inevitably lead to a break-up? I really don't get that mentality. If you love eachother and if you're willing to do more effort and also accept the fact you will see eachother less than usual, than there is no reason for a relation to end. Even long term relationships can have a happy ending. Face it, OP's boyfriend just isn't interested in the effort and, probably, wants to have sex without boundaries.

or maybe he doesn't love her? and knows it is better to break it off sooner than later

Obviously he just wants to play the field and was just looking for an excuse to break up with her, get over it

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@46 thats your opinion. just because it works for some doesnt mean other people have any interest in it. people also remain in relationships after someone cheats, should everyone follow that mentality? no. because it doesnt suit them. oh and even if he doesnt think he can maintain a relationship lacking sex, and thinks he would sleep around, then its his business and his prerogative to make that decision, hes not being deceitful.

well if he is moving away why stay in a relationship. You guys are obviously young and quite frankly relationships are hard to keep in tact in short distances let alone long. Its better he breaks up with you now and you write an FML about it then you go to visit him at his dorm in 18 months time to find him with another girl. He is being sensible it doesn't mean he doesn't like you it just means he may not like the idea of being in a long distant relationship at all and maybe he wants to just spend this year to concentrate on his studies even more before going.

Smart guy, he's thinking ahead.

maybe he doesn't want to hurt her when he ACTUALLY leaves?

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hey beautiful lets text eachother

Regardless of his intentions, it was probably for the best. When one partner leaves for college and leaves the other behind, it is very difficult.

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you know what they say luck favors the prepared.

haha I actually didn't know they say that but whatever

it's better than right before college. He could have a hard time getting you off his mind there, or maybe he met someone who attends his college. FYL though

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he wants op to be over it by the time he leaves

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man that has to suck...

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well he tried to make a good reason. he failed but at least he tried.

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when wrighting an fml do u have to wright fml on the bottom or do they do it 4 u

Maybe he wanted to get it over with? I hope you get over him soon, OP.

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what's "OP"?

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wow thats sucks its okay on to the next one

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Nothing wrong with getting a head start. hehehe.


wow I just broke up with my GF wat a bad day fir romance

whr in tn. I work humphries co

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you is lame!