By Anonymous - 14/03/2011 17:22 - United States

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me by way of making me an account on an online dating site. He then emailed me the account information and left. FML
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actually he used my credit card to pay for it.


for some odd reason your simple happy face made me laugh, really hard :D thanks for the laugh! :D

OP must be a total bitch, guys don't get creative with break ups unless you really piss us off

Oh my gosh, I was going to say how that's a creative way to dump someone! But that's how pussies who aren't man enough to break up with you in person does it.

no if ur just gona break up with someone u do it in person if they did something to piss u off that's when u get creative

on the bright side, you should be able to find another loser in no time on the site.

haha, no problem mon ami.

Cool story, bro.

Was it at least a free one? Or did he at least pay for the first month or so? Cause otherwise, it's just a reminder that you can't afford it. Creative, though. Better than showing you his, or changing his facebook status to let you know. Also... Is it just me, or is anyone really annoyed with the wording?

they changed my wording

actually he used my credit card to pay for it.

Women deserve this. If he had not broken up with her she would have cheated on him. she is a whore. I bet she fucks around with everyone. He let her down easily.

whose jb? Justin Bieber

what does jb stand for? Justin Bieber?

Look at Justin beiber's name upside down and read it

If you actually did this ^ you must be a blonde.

Fuck! i actually did this! :( I'm very supersticious or just guilible.

5, Yeah... I can understand what she's trying to say...but I reeeaaally couldn't help but to read the whole thing over and over again. Just doesn't sound right... "Broke up with me by way of making"...? Weird. Sorry OP.

Nope, the wording is right. It's just not used very often like that. ;]

eitherway poor op, and his ex is a douche

I hate when guys don't have the balls to break up with you in person. Emailing you the dating website account information to dump you? That's an all new low.

Hmm. Disagree? You must be the type to break up through dating sites too, eh?

some people are to volatile to break up with in person. my balls being attached to my body is more important than her opinion of me

Haha. True. Most girls don't kick someone in the balls just for breaking up with them. Only the immature one's.

I would like for you to contact my balls orally.

k we are done, I'm sorry but this isn't working out :( Is fml better than an e-mail?

What are you talking about 54?

Was he at least selling you well?

What's the username he used for this account? If it's something like dUrtySlut-w4nt$_s3x you're screwed, but if it's something normal it might just be a really bad and clumsy attempt to make the break up a little easier.

I don't know which is worse- him dumping you or him thinking you require an online dating service.

well thats stupid. that idea didn't really prove his point either. I would've thought 'haha how funny'. Did you ask him afterwards OP? anyways, if he did break up with you like that, he's an immature asshole.

Wow ur hot lol nice wrack

Sorry that you got dumped, that sucks :( but hey, I give him marks for creativity :D