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Today, my boyfriend broke up with me because he found out my birthday is the same day as his, and he thinks we are twins who were separated at birth. FML
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Riiight. Because out of all the people in the world, and with only 365 days in a year, nobody is going to have the same birthday as him.

Good riddance, OP. Imagine the consequences if it had led to hypothetical inbreeding.


Riiight. Because out of all the people in the world, and with only 365 days in a year, nobody is going to have the same birthday as him.

This FML would be perfect if OP was a different nationality as her boyfriend

It's probably a blessing. You wouldn't want to reproduce with someone that stupid.

Wow there 13... It was just her bf. There was nothing there about reproduction.

I do feel however in most relationships the end result, if you find this person to be your perfect match, that you will procreate... It doesn't seem that much of the time that couples get together just to romp around for the sexual pleasure. Generally the end result is a mutual want in children. Dating is a roadway to find the person you want to have children with and spend the rest if your life with.

Have you reproduced with even half of the people you've dated? I haven't with anyone I've dated, nor have 99% of the relationships I now of, so...yeah....

23 - Maybe because this persons were not the good one...?

#23: Well, duh? He didn't say that you have to get kids with as many people as possible, that's what rednecks and hillbillies are for. Other people are supposed to find "the right person" to have kids with. (And no, one week of dating is not enough time to find out whether someone is "The One.", unless you have known each other very well for the past 5+ years.)

Do you mean that everyone is only dating in order to have kids one day? That's simply not true.

12 I think you mean different race. Nationality refers to what country you are from and twins separated at birth could conceivably grow up in different countries.

Exactly 27. I was just trying to say to 13 that all op said was bf, so there was nothing to indicate it was a serious thing that would have led to kids. And also exactly 38. Dating doesn't have to lead to anything but a good "rump."

House episode, anyone?

@40 Actually if you want to be pc about it then ethnicity is the proper word, technically we're all members of the human race.

That statement would be true for only people who want kids. I will never date anybody to try to find my "perfect match" to have kids with. I don't ever want kids, but I will date for the purpose of finding my perfect match to live happily with. Kids aren't for everybody so dating isn't always a "roadway" to have kids

lets do some maths! If i understand math correctly - and who knows if i do - the chance is 1 in 365. Pick a large city at random, like LA. Los Angeles has a population of 3,819,702. So the the amount of people with your birthday is LA is statistically about 10,464. Not that it tells you much, but thats a lot of people with your birthdayn

What the fuck

...he just found out your birthday?

I think it might be fore the best. Doesn't seem like a smart guy...

Be proud OP. You have 1 less moron in your life.

Either that or he is a genious hiding behind the Stupid mask.

Then I would at least expect him to know how to spell "genius".

Good riddance, OP. Imagine the consequences if it had led to hypothetical inbreeding.

Do you each have separated parents? This could be a weird real life Parent Trap /:

It would be even weirder if OP and boyfriend both liked to eat Oreos with peanut butter.

They should check their wallets to see if they have any ripped pictures of their parents and see if the match up when pieced together.

I thought your username was SpicyDick

Not really me and my ex also had the same bday...but he broke up with me for another reason lol...sorry OP

I think he did you a favor!'re definitely better off without someone of his mentality.

What an idiot........

Did you two remotely look alike? What a dumbass!

Not all twins look alike....

Yeah, they're called fraternal twins, there chief

I have a younger brother, and we have similar features. We don't look EXACTLY alike, but I think what 9 meant was did they even remotely look related at all.

My brother and I look nothing a like

I think he meant did they look like siblings in any way. But it's still no reason to assume you're related to someone if that was a factor.

That happens more than you'd think it would..

I'm sure it's just coincidence that OP's name is Leia and her now ex bf's name is Luke... yeah, coincidence... that's it.

Well wow. Now THERE'S some logic.

So by his terms of logic if he has 3 other siblings he could be related to >1% of the world?