By Immaculatedream - New Zealand
Today, my boyfriend broke up with me after 4 perfectly happy years together. The reason? He had a dream in which his dead former girlfriend from when he was 13 told him she still loved him. He now believes his dead childhood sweetheart is trying to contact him and I'm "in the way of their love." FML
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  Welshite  |  39

Does that mean we should lock up all the 13-year-olds and surround them with charms to ward off bad luck? I'm up for it.

*looks at the younger members of FML*

  ILoveMyArm  |  15

SUPERSTITION PARTY! In order to enter you must climb a ladder that leads you to the entrance. Be careful though, there are many cracks and we don't enough insurance to pay for all the mothers. If you don't have a rabbit's foot or four leaf clover a horseshoe will suffice. No mirrors or umbrellas allowed, all black cats will be sacrificed during a ritual if brought.

  oj101  |  33

I was demonstrating the boyfriends irrationality by suggesting that OP stoops down to his level by being superstitious. My comment was just a little satirical - not to be taken literally/seriously.

  MDTeddy  |  13

Someone needs to have a serious talk with him like his parents for example. Four years is not something you just throw away and expect everything to be okay.

  NagainaFier  |  16

Like call you a tool?

Because FML comments + picture + profile are pointing me in that direction.

For all you know, OP's BF could be extremely mentally unstable, and no matter how irrational, that dream and the message could be very real to him. We obviously don't have all the information, but SOMETHING was very wrong in that relationship for him to drop it so quickly and for such an 'original' reason.

  LMFAOwned  |  9

Be thankful for what? That her long term boyfriend just one day decides to end it because of a dream about an ex? I wouldn't be thankful. I'd be pissed and/or concerned.

  vintaqe  |  28

Calling him a nut job for losing a loved one and not being able to let go, is like calling a blind person retarded for not being able to read. I lost my boyfriend of 4 years at 19 due to stage 4 cancer. I'm 26 now and still have not gotten over it, counseling or not. Until you're in those shoes, don't pretend to walk in them. It goes a lot deeper than you'll ever want to know.

  WhisperSoflty  |  20

81, your inability to move on is of your own accord. You said so yourself in another comment. I'm getting pretty sick of reading comment after comment of you almost lording your refusal to move on over everyone else. Normal, healthy people do eventually become strong enough to move beyond the loss of a loved one. That's how widows wind up happily remarried. I would hate for you to ever so smugly talk about how you cling to a past love in front of the wife of a soldier killed in combat who is now remarried. There is nothing good or healthy or normal about stubbornly refusing to move on from the loss of a loved one. What the OP's ex did is wrong. End of discussion.

By  Stephy94  |  9

It's more of a FHL instead of yours. Poor guy. Maybe try and be more understanding? He might not have moved on, and we don't know the circumstances of her death. It could have been anything from accidental to murder to even suicide.

  Stephy94  |  9

It might not take you not long at all to move on but, as I said, we don't know the circumstances of death, nor how much he loved her. Without knowing those two facts, we won't know the entire story.


If he want over it he shouldn't have been with her in three first place because it's unfair to her, and furthermore, he died her for a dead girl. WTF? I can't understand how much that must hurt, but she is better off with someone who is completely in love with her and wouldn't rather date a corpse.

  vintaqe  |  28

#27 you don't just "move on" after someone you love dies. Especially given the circumstances if it was sudden and goodbyes weren't in order. I'll never ever move on from the death of my boyfriend, not because I can't, but because I don't want to. I made a promise to never let him go, maybe OP feels the same.

  Treveyon56  |  14

Hey 79 you make it sound like the guy is a sicko who has sex with dead bodies. You make it look as if it's so black and white. Well you're wrong, the guy misses someone he cared about and you think it's wrong to do that. He never said he didn't love OP it just looks like he had more feelings for the old girlfriend. And lastly I could just barely understand you.

  gottageek  |  17

He's put her through a four year relationship, has a dream about someone who has, more than likely been dead much longer, and breaks up with her because the dead is trying to contact him. There's a difference in hurting and unhealthy behaviour. Wtf is he going to do? Have relations with an underage ghost? Any healthy person would reflect on this dream as their subconscious reminiscing.