By bad poet - United States - Millerton
Today, my boyfriend asked me to write him a poem, as I am an avid writer. Happily, I agreed. After hours of working, I proudly presented it to him. He read it, laughed, and said, "No babe, I meant a real poem." Maybe I should rethink my career choice. FML
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  GreatGeak  |  8

what i want to know is, in what realm is poet really a carrier choice?
i mean i guess there's writer and things like that, but unless I'm wrong, poet doesnt typically pay well.

By  DistanceRunner94  |  9

Since we don't know how your poem went, it's hard to tell whether YDI or FYL. However, you did put hours of hard work which shows you tried and honestly cared about presenting a meaningful poem, but his interpretation just wasn't what you intended it to be. FYL OP.