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Challenge accepted?

atleast you weren't in an historical gas chamber.


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Well now she has no choice. He declared war!

Prepare the cannons.

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The keyword in the Fml? "accidentally".

Everyone loves a good sense of humor right?

What is unlady light?

So the OP is to be expected to hold all of her farts in always? What if she spontaneously combusts?

Maybe she couldn't hold it in.?

My boyfriend wants me to hold them in and go to a different room.

I always fart. If you've got it, let it go. :)

Girls don't fart, poop, or burp, silly! I thought everyone knew that!

I meant lady like...

Women pass gas and everything else just like men! It's a natural human being thing!!!

33- Coldplay absolutely does not suck!

63 is right. We fluff.

39, you spontaneously combust from burning calories too fast. Not holding in farts..

I would love her for rest of my life :)

103- no. i'll se you in shell.

Unlady like, you mean?

I can deduct from your nickname and avatar that you are a fat, prepubescent prick.

just dump him or fart in front of him

Challenge accepted?

Not sure if "lucky gas" is a pun intended...or an autocorrect fail...

challenge considered?

This totally sounds like something my boyfriend would do. Even if I wasn't the one who farted, he would still declare war. Lol.

That made me lol at the doctors office.

Have diarrhea and its a nuke you own the world.

You're just upset that you lost.

Battle shits!

Damn, you sank my battleshit!

Its not an FML, Op ! Sure, its embarassing, but your boyfriends amazing!! Don't find many like them nowadays ;) hahah

Sorry i forgot about the rules! FYL Op ;)

atleast you weren't in an historical gas chamber.

Why the hell would you say that?

Because it's frickin hilarious? xD Don't get me wrong, WW2 was awful, but....gaschamber + farts...Lol x)

You're an hero for talking about an historical gas chamber.

An hero? That's all I have to say...

48- Lrn2Internet

*a historical gas chamber

Those not familiar with the meme to begin with would probably assume that it's a mistake before they assume that it's a meme, and rightly so, so the "Lrn2Internet" comment is irrelevant.

Mister Michael You grammar nazi lol

Guys, an historical can be pronounced like 'an 'istorical'. Maybe he just wants to make his accent visible? :p There was a comment war about this on another fml about the phrase 'an hour'. It's the same kind of situation.

It actually isn't the same situation as "an hour" because while the h in historical isn't silent in all situations, the h in hour is.

Not the other people in the bunker that's for sure.

He sounds like a fun guy. He could've made fun of you or blamed his fart on you but instead he turned the whole episode into something humorous and it wasn't at the expense of anyone else (unless they were really malodorous farts..). Have fun with it!

Hes a fungie :D

Malodorous... +1

A warning to the people, the good and the evil, this is war :D

30 Seconds To Mars fuck yes


Yes, I'm here! :D

Straight up LOLZ.

Your life sounds awesome, not awful!