By sigh - 30/08/2009 23:35 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend and I were starting to get in the mood. I get on top of him, lean down to kiss him, and he begins to laugh. Puzzled, I ask him why. He tells me that when I'm naked and on top of him, I remind him of a cow, with 'udders' . Offended, I go to get off. 'No no' he protests, 'a SEXY cow'. FML
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The correct reaction should have been "Offended, I got off, looked at his penis and laughed. When he asked why I told him it reminded me of an inchworm, a SEXY inchworm".

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Guess he wasn't planning on continuing to get laid.


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Guess he wasn't planning on continuing to get laid.

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no hes was planning on getting laid by a sexy cow

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Yeah what's the big deal cows are smexay!

Meh, this FML reminds me of some really sad times. I was only 4, and my friend said he would give me a sour worm for some goldfish crackers. He lied to me, and took the sour worm. I was really dissapointed :(

Methinks the guy has Asperger's Syndrome!!!

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I would have killlled him. At least he didn't compare you to another woman though? Look on the bright side. Some men do that.

YDI As You Probably Do, You Are From Manchester After All!

40 what the hell are you talking about

lmfao my friend and i say sexy cow:P

haha that was me :)

I'm so sorry :( I really like gummy worms too :)


Why Do You Capitalize Everything Like The Title of a Novel?

Don't judge someone by where they are from you fuck nut.

he was just complimenting you on having large breasts. not in a very smart way though.

No but in a very humorous way.

Not if he wishes to continue dating her.

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At least he didn't call you a whale.

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yeah, coz whales have large breasts too

Gives a whole new meaning to motor boating, doesn't it?

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That's horrible :(

Wow, your boyfriend actually thought comparing you to a cow could be taken as a compliment? FYL for having a dumb boyfriend.

While he was really stupid in his comment, breasts are really nothing but mammary glands. So, he was sorta correct in the udders evaluation. Total dipshit in terms of getting laid though. :P

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Lol you deserve it for either being obese, or being an up-tight bitch.. Lighten up, or lose a few pounds.. That simple, ugh.. Is it worth losing your boyfriend over? I doubt it.. I mean you'll be short of a boyfriend, and you'll be fat, or uptight.. Just get over it you fucking bitch..

Way to over-react #7

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Way to be ugly..

Rofl, you're a dumbass. You really need to have some respect for women.

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I'm a woman and I agree with #7... maybe not about the fat part, but I'm pretty sure if my boyfriend told me that I'd laugh. If you're on all fours on top of a guy and you lean over him, your tits hang down like an udder. OP needs a sense of humor.

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#23 was owned by#14

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my bad 14 was owned by23

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It's still a jerk move to compare a woman to a cow. What if a person has a medical issues and can lose the weight? Yes there is diseases out there that make you gain weight that they can't control no matter how much the work out or eat right. Your a little fucker who is jealous of this person because you can't get laid your self. Most women don't find this funny, and she was not over reacting. You need to shut the fuck up, you annoying little shit... You mad?

And let me guess. You are single.

Well, sex is the way to get milk.

So farmers copulate with their cows . . . ? O_o

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well what do you think the guy who first milked cows was doing?

#107...........................your mom

Cows can be VERY sexy, when they want to, but is not often

LMFAO made my day!

hahahahha what a dipshit.. even though this is really horrible that he did that, i still find it soo funny how he was like 'noo noo.. a SEXY cow' hahahahha!