By RabbitOwner - 07/01/2011 20:22 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were playing with my pet rabbit when my boyfriend discovered poop on his lap. As he brushed it off, I reminded him that there are a lot worse things in the world than rabbit poop. Almost as if on cue, my rabbit peed on both of us. FML
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Then, the rabbit jammed a carrot up each of your asses and laid eggs in secret places all over the house. Afterward, as if on cue, he jumped back into a big, black top hat and disappeared...

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Well guys, once again it's that time of the year and I'm sorry to say I've already broken my New Year's resolution to just stop bothering the damn wildlife in intimate ways. Truly, my dearest friends, is there nothing I can do right in this life? Wee-woo.

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That is sick. Maybe a girlfriend would get you straight steering again?

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yes.. yes there is... you can stop.

You can use that as ink eraser. Don't waste it. ;)

Poolofblood, I say this in the nicest possibly way, but I think you misinterpreted the term "Playboy Bunny." You are NOT supposed to ********** with, to, or around actual rabbits. I'm telling you this out of concern for your mental stability. Please, get help. And I do NOT mean help from the SPCA, you sick, twisted ****.

shut da **** up wid dat gay ass comment lol

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I smell moderator interference...

Moderator...what now? All the mods do is tweak the grammar of the original FML to make it more readable. There's no divine modtervation down here in the comments. Poolofblood said what he said, and while I applaud his honesty, I cannot condone the molestation of small woodland creatures.

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Aww, Doc, your kid is sooo cute!!!! She looks like babytard on the SHAYTARDS. :D

WTF !! I'm poolofblood ... who **** wrote this ? I ain't intimate with any creatures .. my bro or cousin probably fuvking did this

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I'm from ashford connecticut

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WARNING: Lame Pun content Urine trouble now! :)

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I digg this pun! and personally I'd rather be pissed on by a rabbit than shat on by a bird! gotta love irony though

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That's not worse? But your rabbit is a genius.

It IS worse. Notice how OP's boyfriend just wiped off the poop. Urine is much harder to clean, and it smells a whole hell of a lot more than poop.

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That would've made the situation a social cracker.

Well I read a book so FML. And that's nice did you clean up your boyfriend?

Sorry was seeing what the site would actually post my comments the app doesn't seem to even though it says it had success

Try reloading the page. Sometimes the apps don't do it properly right after posting.

Tried that. I suppose i'll just have to use the site which is kinda annoying. It is weird it does it for my iPod does it do that for most others?

I've heard it's a problem for some people on the iPhone/iPod app, but I don't know about the others. You get more features on the main site anyway though. I blame Apple, of course, for no real reason in particular.

My app on my itouch doesn't exactly work either. One time in about fifty does it actually post the comment, though it says Success! every time. Using the mobile is such a pain, but I want my opinion heard.

Wow people didn't like my comment :/. I like the comment blaming Apple i mean why blame the creator's of the FML app producers they should try and update and fix the problem.

Because you're bitching about it in the comments rather than filing a bug report? ;-) You can find the relevant email address pretty easily if you look to the right hand side of the screen, people. Please use it, rather than make the comments section a pain for mobile users to scroll through, thanks!

Just go on the real website in Safari and add a comment like normal. Works 100% of the time. Sirin, next time a company by the name of Aikeo offers to make the official FML app, tell them to go to hell.

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PlPoPpppPopppoppppppppPppppppPPopppppppPopppppoppPpostpoppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp pp

This is why I prefer having pet dogs. :D

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Further proof rabbits are pure evil, and secretly plot to wipe out mankind. Also further proof why cats make much better family members.

I agree. Cats are better, and if you adopt them young they learn to go outside or use litter quickly. My kitten learned to use the litter box the second she got home, and the adult cat we got later on had already been trained, so he knew as well. So yeah, cats rule. (:

Rabbits can be litter box trained though, and it's just as easy as training your cat, if not easier. I own a rabbit and he's never peed or pooped on anyone, ever. I've found that my cat and rabbit have a lot of things in common, so I wouldn't say that a cat is obviously better.

people who keep pets and anthropomorphize them disgust me.