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Today, my boyfriend and I were on a date and he starts complaining about how his back is hurting him. He complains the whole evening. Fast forward to later that night, we are in bed so I ask him if he was feeling OK. He says, "I guess so. I'm just confused about my feelings for you." FML
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nonsensical 26

He then proceeds to tackle you and break your pinky

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"Oh no, I just meant about your back, silly!"


nonsensical 26

He then proceeds to tackle you and break your pinky

Wrong FML, buddy

This is so funny!

nonsensical 26

"Oh no, I just meant about your back, silly!"

Maybe you're the back in this situation and he's simply confused

Maybe because you're critical and annoyed by his pain. Would you feel happy in a relationship if when you let your partner know how you were feeling, they were so annoyed that they put it on FML?

Um I didn't see anywhere that gives the impression that the OP was critical or annoyed by his pain or anything he did. She was merely giving context to the evening so we would know why she asked "are you Ok," to her boyfriend, she was asking about his back pain. The FML here is the answer the boyfriend gave to OP, but again, no where does it show she was annoyed by this. If anything she's probably just a little sad because that's not usually something you want to hear from you SO, especially when you weren't questioning your relationship, but only asking about your SO's pain. Also, we have no idea whether they talked it out or not before she posted it on here, so let's not jump to conclusions.

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The fact she mentions that he was complaining twice makes it sound like she was annoyed by it to me.

I guess that's up to interpretation. I thought she mentioned that he complained twice, just to explain why she would still be asking him about his back later on in the day. If my bf offhandedly complained once about a sore back, I might ask him about it at the time and then let it go once he said it wasn't serious. But if he was complaining about it for a long time (especially all day) then I'd be likely to worry about him for quite a while and ask for updates.

That's harsh. If a guy is confused about his feelings obviously he's not the one for you. A guy should know if he really has feelings or not.

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#5 thats pretty terrible. How do you know they have only been dating for a little while? Or maybe he might want to propose but is not sure? I think its pretty common for a guy to be confused about his feeling for a girl at different points in the relationship.

Hope he figures that out before he wastes your time or it's too late.

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Our bodies are very good at sending us messages when the brain doesn't want to voice them. A back pain is a rather widespread and obvious ailment .It usually means there's a personal situation you cannot face and that blocks you , which is such a burden for you that it's too hard to bear. I guess when the night came he had picked that message clear enough.

Wtf so my foot hurts is this a sign I want to kick ur ass? I'd like to think so dumb ass

I realy don't understand the connection between the first part of the fml and the last.. what does his back hurting have to do with his confused feelings?

OP was asking if his back was feeling any better but he misinterpreted what she said.

uhm..why are you interpreting sooooo much into simple statements that probably have nothing to do with you (talking about the back pain) and him being confused about his feelings for you means he does have feelings, you have 2 options, 1 his confusion is not your problem and you give him the time and space to find out whatever he needs to, or 2 you provide him with an open ear and support in finding out what he wants and talk with him about his insecurities..your choice..but don't just whine about your situation without even trying to do something about'd just be wasting your energy op

Where was OP whining exactly?

Where did you get that OP was just whining about the situation without doing something about it? You're jumping to conclusions. Just because she posted it on FML, doesn't mean she hasn't talked through and addressed her boyfriend's feelings. You realize people can do both, right? You can address the problem, as well as post about how crappy the situation is on the internet. Also, if you don't want to see people "whining," about their situation, you're on the wrong site because that is literally what this page is for.

My mind went straight to gay things once he mentioned the feelings.

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How mature of you.