By BaconBreathBlonde - United States
Today, my boyfriend and I were making out, holding hands, and he was playing with a strand of my hair. I thought the whole thing was very romantic. He then said he loved how my mouth tasted like bacon. FML
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By  Luckster  |  0

How's that not romantic?? O_o;;; Would you rather he be disgusted by your scent? I always find it cute when my boyfriend tries to match up my various scents throughout the day with foods he likes. Love how he always thinks pie when I just came out of the shower, and I use floral shampoos and soaps.

By  FMY_FYL  |  0

this would probably be funnier if I wasn't vegeterian XD but it's still awesome. like many other FML's, it just shows you that guys need to learn to think before speaking. still, if I were you I'd have just laughed my ass off. definitely not FML worthy.