By oh lord - 27/05/2012 16:06 - Canada - Oshawa

Today, my boyfriend and I were making love. I've been working on a novel for the past six months, and what would have been mid-way through, I accidentally said the main character's name instead of my boyfriend's. FML
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zingline89 18

And you hadn't even written the climax yet...

Yeah of course, you got the name from your "novel". We all know what you've been up to OP.


Awkward? Only slightly...I hope you both managed to laugh it off OP!

xoconnie 8

Ah crap, he's gonna be pissed :/ It could have been worse though, prior posters have said their brother/sister's name so I think your case is more understandable.

I guess we know who inspired the character then? (your other bf)

Is it me or is Amy hot? I know this has nothing to do with the fml but seriously. Hot as hell. :D

Even more awkward if the main character's name is Chuck. Then Op's boyfriend couldn't get mad, or else Chuck Norris would roundhouse kick him.

Hopefully the main character's good looking

Edward Cullen? Oh gosh look what you've done. I'm now all hot and bothered.

Tali147 16

Hopefully the main character is not a female.

uJelly24 1

What's the main characters looks got to do with this...

Yeah of course, you got the name from your "novel". We all know what you've been up to OP.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with all of those "sleep overs.".

StopDropNRoll 11

I thought it was the "late nights at work."

zingline89 18

And you hadn't even written the climax yet...

Maybe the climax of your story should be a sex scene.

Maybe you just shouldn't comment..

Wow, I regret posting that comment. Very sorry, I even thumbed myself down.

MarisaCB 16

Explain and show him the novel. Then he'll know you're telling the truth.

I'm pretty sure he knows about it. It's just a turn off and he's probably not even mad

I doubt he's mad it'll probably just feel extremely awkward making love and knowing she's thinking of another name/person

perdix 29

I'll never know why anybody uses names during sex, when "baby" or "bitch" are perfectly fine. I've heard "asshole" and "customer."

Please, call me Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

Cause using names makes it more intimate and I think sexier.

hockeyoceancity 13

You're 13 lol... Enough said.

People really don't get that you are being facetious, do they?

'Yes, Mistress' works well for me. I think creativity can be a great thing! Why not call someone your Grande **** Stallion or your Naughty Lil' **** Doll? (never mind the neighbors...) Worst that can happen is everyone ends up bursting into laughter, which if you're in the right relationship certainly shouldn't derail the whole operation.

What about "Captain"? "Captain" sounds cool. Or "Doctor". Someone needs to try this.

kittykat1501 31
TheDrifter 23

If it was Edward you're lucky he didn't run screaming.

I think j.k Rowling had the same problem when she was writing the Harry potter books

I guess it's a little late to suggest roleplaying to him...?