By Anonymous - 1/7/2012 23:08
  Today, my boyfriend and I were in bed making out. He then tried to unhook my bra. After a full minute of trying unsuccessfully, he shouted "Fuck you, bra!" before hiding his face in the pillows. FML
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Once I was taking a chicks bra off when we were still making out, she stops and says its fine it's a special kind of bra you won't get the clip. Next second I got it off, she looks at me incredulous, I'm like " I'm a pro, that bra isn't THAT unique" lol then I made her day ( night) (;

  faithxoxox  |  1

Remember the first time you snapped or undid a bra? I know I had a tough time. For a while, I'd pre-snap and pull it on over my head. Although, I could always get it off easily. But just imagine how hard it is for someone that never or rarely comes into contact with bras. :/

  Mauskau  |  35

I've been wearing a bra for 8 years and I still can't do them up at the back. I do it up at the front and turn it round haha. I can take them off but sometimes they're even a struggle with me. Older bras sometimes end up with bent hooks so it makes it all the more difficult. My boyfriend struggles with them sometimes and when he does, he either turns me around or gets me to take it off.

(and before you say anything, I started puberty very early)

  Drigr  |  8

I remember my first time undoing a bra too, I was similar to OP's BF. spent a good chunk of time on it and couldn't figure the damn thing out, so she did it.

  nickhowa  |  0

yeah when i first tryed i had a hell of a time now i can do it with one hand and through shirts.. most of the time there are some bras that are just stupid.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I don't know why you guys have such problems with bras. I got it off my girlfriend no problem the first time I ever went to do it. It's really just simple. There hooks. Just push and pull. You need to remember to check if it's a front clasping one before reaching around though. Girls wear those to be sneaky.

  PyroAngel1821  |  13

I know how to check my oil and start a grill and use a lot of workout equipment especially if I've been shown. And even when I first started wearing bras they were not difficult to take off. Guys jus try to look cool doing it instead of just undoing it with out all the fancyness. I feel like they jus over analyze it.


#19 I can check the oil in my car, use plenty of work out equipment and start a grill charcoal or gas. A matter a fact i wont let any of the men in my life use my charcoal BBQ because it's mine!


79- most girls know how to do a hell of a lot more than they used to. we are pretty much expected to know almost everything a man nows plus whatever else we were expected to know as a girl thank you very much


78- nowadays women know a hell of a lot more than what they used to considering we are expected to know everything girls already are expected to know and some things that guys are supposed to know. and MOST girls I know know how to do all that stuff simply because we have brothers and fathers who show you how to do stuff so that you don't have to rely on guys

  Airman1988  |  9

My life sucks, I agree with what your saying as women can learn to do most things guys do but I think your taking it a bit far, making it sound like women have mastered all their talents and men's, like men are inferior. I think there are plenty of men&women out there that can do a lot of things typically reserved for the other gender. Like me personally, I'm a full time single dad so I've learned to do many things that are expected to be a "female" skills cause I have a daughter

  KleShreen  |  3

All I'm saying is that it's ridiculous to assume a guy should know how to work a contraption that females are in contact with (mostly) every day. My comment was no more "assuming" than the original comment in this thread. I used a hyperbole of some things that are considered male-dominated. I'm sure there are females who can do most of those just as I'm sure there are males who can unhook a bra effortlessly, but to think it should be expected is unrealistic when the only time guys have had the opportunity to mess around with one is either while a girl (presumably one they have feelings for) is wearing it or they are sneaking in to mom's dresser as a kid or something.

  raraisbang  |  12

Anyone who thinks women can't change oil, barbecue, or correctly use a work out machine has never been to the south.

Us women can accomplish all that and much more.


  iwantagoat579  |  7

You started off right.... But girls tend to be much smarter than boys and I know many women that can use workout equipment, start a grill, and check the oil. Women are very smart and do the same things that men do. Seriously. Prick.