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Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex, when his condom came off inside of me. We couldn't get it out, so I had to tell my mom, who didn't know we were sexually active, and then go to the ER. After an unsuccessful visit, we came home only to find the condom in my sheets. FML
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There's only one reason a condom comes off prematurely. One little reason. One very LITTLE reason.

sassypants93 17

Sounds like you are too young if you have to call your mom to go to the emergency room..


flashback.miss 28

always double, triple, check, just in case. wouldn't you be able to feel it?

No, other than the obvious soft spot everything is pretty much numb up there.

KeannaLove 32

@26- Unless you're like a hot dog being thrown down an airplane hanger, I suggest seeking a specialist advice because that's not normal.

If you put a tampon in, you're supposed to not feel it other than pushing it in and pulling it out, something like a condom that's not moving she wouldn't be able to feel it? And obviously she didn't even feel it come off?

not sure if you've heard of the nuva ring its an contraceptive piece of jelly like plastic about the size of a hair tie that you stick.up there for three weeks and don't feel at all other than during intercourse and only then if hes well endowed. same rules apply for tampons there is actually zero nerve endings along the walls of your vajay just at the back and up top. so no she's not loose for not feeling a condom. but FYL op for not checking all possibilities before breaking the news to the rents.

I believe #1 means "feel it" using her hands to feel for it, not necessarily feeling the condom itself while it's inside the OP. :P

not to be graphic but depending on when it fell off it could really be crammed up there lol some girls won't even touch themselves much less go fishing around but it seems we all know why op's bfs search came up fruitless I had assumed at first he's the kinda guy that needs mapquest

RedPillSucks 31

mapquest! LOL.... BF: Where's the condom? MQ: Turn left... Recalculating...

One question: Why does the weirdest shit always happen in florida?

You wouldn't feel it inside your ******, but if you stuck two fingers in you'd certainly find it. Lean a certain way and you can reach all the way to your cervix without too much trouble. It's not an endless tube. I had a Mirena for a while and I had to reach in and check for the strings every once in a while. I can't fathom how a girl loses a condom or a tampon in there. It isn't that deep.

What the **** is up with your profile pic?!?!!?

Emma Marshall 19

Actually it is normal and you're obviously a male douchebag 🤦🏽‍♀️ you cannot feel a tampon or a condom up your ******.

sassypants93 17

Sounds like you are too young if you have to call your mom to go to the emergency room..

Not quite, not everyone gets there license as soon as they can. Some wait until they're eighteen and I think you still have to have a permit and wait six months before you can test to have your license. Or maybe she even got her license provoked or something, never know,

I think the point was, if you're too young to solve the problems that crop up when having sex without involving mommy, you're not mature enough to be having sex. I don't care if you're 16 or 30, you or your boyfriend should be able to drive, walk, take public transit, whatever. I feel sorry for OP's mom who got stuck dealing with this nonsense.

I hate to say it but I agree. I'd pay $2000 for a cab rather than have that conversation with my mom, and I'm 21 in a committed 4 year relationship.


I think in one of my sex ed classes I was told that if that ever happened, if she squatted then it would push the condom close to the opening and one of them could pull it out.. is this right?

I tell my mum because I'm close to my mum. I don't want to keep secrets from her because it may bite me on the ass later on. According to you guys, it means I shouldn't be having sex.

But to be fair- people at the age of say, 17, would have to call their parents to go to the emergency room if they couldn't drive yet. I don't think that's necessarily too young.

Not what people are saying exactly. If you're close with your mom and have no problem going to her that's fine. The fact of the matter is, they couldn't figure out the problem without mom getting involved. If they have to have mom solve the problems encountered with sex, they are not mature enough for it.

To everyone saying she could be"old enough" and just not have a license, the post still makes it clear that it was an issue no longer hiding it from "mom" that she was sexually active. that in itself means she's too young

Plus there's the fact that she's probably pregnant now..

Why is she probably pregnant? Women are only fertile 1-2 days out of every 28 (on average, not discussing anomalies). Condoms are mainly to protect against STDs. People act like pregnancy is the worst possible/most likely outcome of sex, but not even close.

at least they were being safe?

#101 women can still get pregnant at any time. Sure, they are much more fertile 2-3 days out of the month, but that doesn't mean they are completely infertile the rest of the time.

inthedopeshow 17

93, I hide it from my parents that I am sexually active but it in no way means I'm not mature enough. They have strong religious beliefs and discovering this would ruin my relationship with them. In my opinion, it is my parents who are the immature ones in this situation. You can't judge OP for hiding her sexuality from her mother when you have no idea what she is like.

There needs to be more information to this FML. All of you saying that OP must be to young to have sex because she didn't want her mother to know she was sexually active are wrong to say for certain. Just because someone doesn't want a parent to know does not mean they are to young. If they had to tell their parents because of this incident doesn't mean they are to young either. Hell if that happened to me, I would have done the same thing as I wouldn't of had prior experience of that happening. Anyways...I have been with my boyfriend for over four years (will be five years next May). We started dating and made it official when I was 18 and he was 20. We didn't become sexually active with each other until I was 20 and he was 22 based on our choice and reasons (and no, neither of us were virgins so nobody can't assume we waited that long because we were both virgins. I lost my V card with my last boyfriend at 17 and it was a mistake. I was dating that jerk when I was 15 and a half years old and the moment I gave myself to him, he left me. I'm surprised he waited that long for just some piece of ass if that's all he wanted. No i'm not a **** either. I have only ever been sexually active with two people in my life. My ex and my current bf). The moment we became sexually active with each other after two years of being together, we didn't tell our parents for a long time simply because it wasn't their business to know as we are both legal adults and just didn't feel it was the time to inform them just yet (in my province, you're legally an adult at 18). We did eventually tell them at the right time after three months of becoming sexually active. I'm sorry for the long post, I was just giving an example based on my experience so OP is not judged so quickly as being too young since this was posted anonymously and we don't know the full details either in terms of age when this happened. I'm sitting on the fence for FYL or YDI with this one until a follow up. >.

No he's right you really can get pregnant only a few days out of the month.. When you ovulate that's when the matured egg comes down to meet the sperm. If you're not ovulating then there's no egg for the sperm to meet. There are obviously other factors too, like sperm can live up to 4ish days in the vag, and most women don't have perfect 28 day cycles where they perfectly ovulate at just the right time but yeah. You can't get pregnant any time unless you're at the fertil part of the cycle

130- conception most commonly happens in the fallopian tubes. so you are MORE LIKELY to get pregnant only a few days a cycle but you CAN still get pregnant at other times. for example- my cousin fell pregnant while she was on her period

@141 then she must be irregular and ovulated while on her period

I'm a woman. And I believe I did mention that there are anomalies in fertility. But the egg only takes 1-2 days to drop from the ovary to the uterus and fertilization happens, most of the time, in that brief window. Some women ovulate irregularly and can get pregnant during weird times of their cycles, but it's still only a couple days. We are not fertile 24/7. You may have been taught that so you'd be afraid & use protection, but ask a gynecologist.

Or to put it another way, you can only get pregnant for a few days in your cycle, but you can't necessarily predict where in your cycle those few days are, so it's safer to presume that any occasion has the potential for conception. That's why doctors joke that the medical term for people who use the rhythm method is "parents".

Where's DocBastard when you need him?

To those who are arguing upon the subject of fertility, you must remember the sperm does not necessarily die right way. In fact (in some cases) the sperm can live up to a week. So, if your Fallopian tubes release an egg and that sperm managed to stay alive in such a hostile environment, it is possible to get pregnant. Other than this though, women can get pregnant at any time even if they are not ovulating.

at #22, you don't have to wait at all if you get your permit when your over 18, you can take the test the same day if you wanted

There's only one reason a condom comes off prematurely. One little reason. One very LITTLE reason.

The condom grew legs and crawled off?

An itty-bitty diddly-dangly-dingdong.

saucyrossi 18

he must have been a little cocky about it

duma191 21

very very little. love the comment.

So I get that its a joke and all, but if he finishes, he'll start to soften up and it could easily fall off. It doesn't mean he has a small dick....

Know from experience, doc?

Emm no...Usually the reason is that he probably took it on wrong

Lambda - Yes. I've seen lots of small dicks in my career. Evilmayday - Do yourself a favour and go look up "joke" in the dictionary.

Doc, don't worry he just took it on wrong that's all

Emma Marshall 19

Nope not always. Sometimes he can just go abit soft too...

Double checking really wouldn't have hurt, you know.

TyT63 12

*refrains from dirty jokes*

perdix 29

#6, no, this is the place where dirty jokes run free. So, come on, let's hear what you've got!

*grabs the soap* Come here, Noor. It's time to get you all cleaned up, you dirty girl. ;)

That's okay, Noor. You know unicorns are my favorite. ;)

THAT IS SO INACCURATE!!! I'm team Jacob.

*eats popcorn*

Want to hear a clean joke? Max took a bath with bubbles. Want to hear the dirty part? Bubbles was the girl next door.

this is the part where #7 pulls out his jimmies and does something interesting with them didn't check the bed?! So much YDI.

MissWhitneyB 17

So not only did she not know you were sexually active, you were having sex while she was home... & You should have checked everywhere before assuming the worse

perdix 29

At least your pussy got a lot of attention tonight. Be honest, some of that probing and searching had to hit some sensitive spots, for example, G. ;)

Generally any comment resembling "c'mon, your pussy liked it" is in poor taste.

perdix 29

#40, there was probably plenty of finger fumbling going on up there.

MikeonFML 17

Feel bad for your boyfriend a little since you claimed it was inside you and he couldn't really do anything but believe you...

It says "neither one of us could get it out", I'm sure that means the boyfriend did a little finger fishing. Snapper! :P

He could have said actually no, how about we check the bed first.

perdix 29

When you lose a rubber, you don't go to the ER, you go to the condominium!