By Unknown - 18/10/2011 04:50 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were going to have sex for the first time. He didn't know how to take off my bra and insisted that he'd figure it out on his own. He gave up a couple seconds later and played video games instead. FML
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Xquisite1 28

Sounds like someone is too young to even be considering sex.

You just got bra blocked! Lesson learned - bras are evil.


Jamicianprince 1

Well no more sex for him quitter

jesscarrr 10

OP: "hey babe wanna have sex??" OP's Boyfriend: "sure, will there be CoD?"

hannahcorrine 0

Well, I can't blame him. They are hard to get off

Honestly, he probably chickened out more. But that's why you only should have sex when you are absolutely ready.

If at first you're boyfriend doesn't succeed, then let me try.

mgsoloist 14

His pride was probably hurt and gave up.

Jamicianprince 1

It's not hard

OP just don't wear a bra anymore.

Maybe he is actually interested in dudes...

Haha... Ragequit.

Um, I'm pretty sure you don't need a bra off in order to have sex. I'm just going to roll my eyes at you for good measure.

ydi for being in the same room as a video game and expecting it to end differently

Don't blame your bf OP; Unclipping a bra I like solving a rubiks cube.

Jamicianprince 1

No its not

maybe he was so excited taking off the bra he jizzed and moved on?

To uncoordinated N00bs they are! Practice makes perfect

cod is stupid.

saIty 17

Well does take an expert to take it off with one's mouth.

Epsilonyx 15

Or you could just go beast-mode and rip it off, man. That's what I'd do.

I see what you did there.

An expert? Damn, I should make it my career, then.

Dr. Bra remover, your clients can see u now

In his defense, bras are pretty complex.

Couldn't think of anything to say could you 29... Smh.

Wow. Not knowing how to undo a bra... It's so freaking simple, not damn rocket science -_-

why would you wanna have sex with a person who can't take a piece of clothing off!!

YeaSo3 14

Well im glad yah didnt have sex because your boyfriend is clearly gay!!

You just got bra blocked! Lesson learned - bras are evil.

It's not even difficult :L

They are easy, I had them figured out within 2 minutes.. I can even remove a bra with one hand now...

Wow.. Cool story bro^ ps no one gives a fuck abt you bragging abt how skilled you are at bra removal you ice cream truck driver pedo lookin mother fucker.

Mind you its easier to remove if your the one wearing it. Also a lot of bra's remove differently. Now after saying all that bra's are easy to remove. Just takes a little time the first few times then after that its a sinch.

152 I can't even imagine a girl letting you hug her. Sorry. You just seem a little rapisty..

If I have trouble I giggle then move it lol but that's just me

Such motivation.

Yeah. Titties rule. CoD stands no chance against them.

It doesn't say CoD not all I guys like it I personally hate the game I prefer them to have plot but yeah he really shouldn't give up just like that.

henrygondorff 2

There is a Twilight Makeover game. I think that is a good possibility.

Exactly. Sounds like she dodged a bullet.

Pretty much. At least we know what his attention span is now!

I don't see how people find it hard! It's easy!

You're going to have to be a lot more specific than "people"... Some guys just didn't pay attention in school. "All right, children, today we're going to learn how to remove a girl's bra."

5- your profile pic makes me want to eat hot dogs. Not the Chinese kind you're having though

13FTW 9

I'm always sad when I order a hot dog and theres no dog in it..

Your profile also says you are 13, so are you even old enough to have ever removed one to know if it's easy or not... Mind you, I agree, they are easy, im just trolling cause I can.

She's a fucking girl you moron^ No shit she's taken a bra off even if it is a training you retired clown child molester looking piece of shit.

13FTW 9

153, she's a girl dumbass. Most girls wear bras by the time they are 13, or at least know how too. Your negative 60, how the fuck do you know how to take a bra off? Creep.

Haha wow 153, what 171 said, 5 is a 13 year old girl an 13 year old girls do wear bras so she's obviously old enough to remove one, not that you even have to be a certain age to remove one dumbass. But of course you'll beg to differ on that.. since your dumbass thinks 13 year olds aren't old enough to remove bras, how old do you have to be then?

An 171, he knows how to remove one cuz he took his mom's off. That's the only bra he ever took off an the only one he ever will take off. An 153, stop trolling cuz your making yourself look stupid saying those dumb things

I love when people get mad at what other strangers say on the internet :)

blueberry_211 0

Hooks or snaps?

that doesnt matter at all. what does mattrt is what game he started playibg

todebonekill 2

What does matter is your ability to form a coherent sentence.

no 67 what does matter is how good your life must be if you come onto the Internet to tell people to type right...

I do it all the time 71, and my life gets better with every correction.

13FTW 9

When I correct people, I get boners. And you know what they say, every1luvsboners!

The_Troller 14

Corrections give me erections!

TheCarChanel 0

Gramer can go to hell

Jammy01jams 2

TheCarChanel- oh yeah inorite communicating is so last year and so gay. Screw the grammarz. P.S. you're an idiot. Without grammar I would be able to tell you to the extent that I am how much of a moron you are. No saying fuck a lot does not communicate that thought. Stop breathing my air you ignorant shit.

MaximilianMarche 0

What would you have done?

guitgod1 11

#112 I would have had sex with my girlfreind and not stopped to play video games. Does that answer your question?

Be a man and do both. :)

ppatty 0

win ^

kings1fan 6

Show him a nip! Then you'll see how quick he can take that bra off!

If the prospect of sex wasn't enough to divert him from a game, nothing will... Such a mood kill too

Take if off yourself since its at the heat of the moment and later show him but on his part he suppose to want if lol he was obviously thinking about the game the whole time

Achievement still not achieved...

omgthatsosuppera 4

Do the same to him next time

what is she supposed to do " oh sorry babe can't get your boxers off "

U thought that one through didn't ya... Dumbass

gabrielbaby 9

Get him already then say you can't unbotton his pants. Sometimes I can't unbutton my bfs pants.

RedPillSucks 31

Yep. Tell him you're going to give him a blow job. Say that you want to unzip his pants yourself without help. Fumble around for a while. Give up and go shopping. There's no excuse for letting his ego get in the way of good sex.