By manhandled - 01/02/2012 18:05 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend and I were getting intimate. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder to take me to his room. He wasn't careful enough, and dropped me right on my head, on the hardwood floor. I ended up vomiting and came down with a headache. He still wanted to have sex. FML
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Should have punched him in the balls and asked if he still wanted to have sex

While your vomiting ask him if he wants a blowjob


Should have punched him in the balls and asked if he still wanted to have sex

Men will be men.

crazychick1269 7

If guys only knew the pain they cause.

I'm sorry OP, but i lol'ed at the last sentence. :D

thinkPlNK 0

what a douche! tell him that you took a pregnancy test earlier last week and think that the vomiting and headache aren't from you getting hurt. let's see if he'll still want to have sex then.

CaptainPickles72 18

#10- If women would actually speak up when men cause this "pain". Sorry if men cause you, a 61 year old teenager, so much pain!

ThisIsMyReign 4

Haha, wonder out it went down. Girl - "what the fuck!" Boy - "I'm sorry. Bend over real quick" Girl - "No, you dropped me. I puked and have a headache." Boy - "Oh, so it's all about you now, huh?"

this is likely how the cavemen did it

If you are vomiting and having a headache from a head injury, you need to see a doctor IMMEDIATELY. A serious concussion/internal bleeding is extremely dangerous. Hope you're still alive....

I hate people who say "punch him in the balls and bla bla bla." Does that person know the pain that is caused by the groin being agitated? Not pretty dumbasses, now go fuck a tree.

doesn't anyone remember a fml that was exactly like this one? excluding the vomiting bit.

vomiting after a head injury is sign of a concussion. sue the motherfucker

Well said ... Shld have squashed his balls!

OP's boyfriend probably hoped the fall would knock her out, so he could finally try anal. Disappointed that she didn't, he went for all or nothing.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

110- Your profile states that you are a [grammatical] nazi. However; there must have been an error because you do not capitalize any of your sentences.

While your vomiting ask him if he wants a blowjob

Or a kiss.

2- you made me laugh so bad!! Thanks heaps!

I'll be here all week! And the week after that and the week after that god I need a life

CaptainPickles72 18

While? OP: Blaaaaa-want a blowjob-aaaaahhhh?

op's bf status update: "OMG you guys gotta try this new thing.."

Sounds like a funky fetish.

Some people are into that

cradle6 13

Your boyfriend's a dick. Hope your neck is okay.

madz5758 10

Sounds like you have a concussion.. I'd get that checked out =

Aww ur to sweet :)

Tebow all the way!

whosays1 7

As a matter of fact, sex (for women) relieves a headache, but since you were puking, it's probably not such a good idea...

What are you trying to get into her pants? Don't be a fuxking pussy

monnanon 13

Actually 106 that is a myth. Depends entirely on the type of headache. I have actually had orgasms that have caused the worst headaches I can remember. I think in OP's case it would make it worse.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Agreed. Sex will help migraine headaches because of improving blood flood. Sinus and concussion headaches it will do shit all for, and tension headache it will make worse.

LegallyBrunettel 0

Yeah, that had to hurt & sex probably doesn't sound to good, while puking your guts up.

Love hurts.

Mister_Triangle 21

Good thing sex is a natural painkiller

22cute 17

Good thing this isn't really love

What a dick.. Threw you over his shoulder, da fuck? He should have just picked you up cradling you.. Now whenever he wants to light a fire you say "ehhh idk if I feel like getting knocked out today".

When a guy throws you over his shoulder it's actually so sexy and primal. Lol. cave man like.

Lazy bitch should of walked and none of this would of ever happened

@34 Well, speaking as a woman who likes 150-cubic-centimetre brains... I respectfully disagree.

No I agree with #34, in the heat of the moment, a bit on the wild side, oh so sexy. Apart if he drops you on your head...

It doesn't matter whether you enjoy it or not, its a perfectly acceptable method of carrying something or someone. Why the fuss?

Yes i agree with this guy

FahrenBoo 4

I so agree with u!!!

What a pain in the neck...

I see what you did there ;)

Did you now?

Ya see, it was such a complicated and original pun, that no normal human being could possible understand it. 74 simply wanted to brag about his intellect.

ninjuh_wingman 29

I love how he threw you over his shoulder like you were a dead body.

Or maybe just unconscious, like he's used to..

First person to turn this into necrophilia, congrats!

Hey, he might have a disgusting vomiting fetish...okay, no, that's disgusting. feel better and tell him, "No. "

Two girls one cup. Nuff said

From what I've heard, Two Girls One Cup caters to the scat fetishists, not the puke fetishists.

It contains enough of both to be an all-in-one package 64.

For my sanity, I decided not to watch it. I just read a synopsis on Wikipedia. Something about the layout takes all the 'eww' out of most things.

Nothing like a concussion right beforehand! Puke on him if you feel it again.

what a dick, you should've given him one nice hit between the legs.