By anonymous - Australia
Today, my boyfriend and I were arguing about how he was too busy for me. During that conversation, he was texting his best friend and then called by his brother to drive him home. Instead of returning to finish our conversation, he left to prepare for his fishing trip with his mates tomorrow. FML
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  aliaskis  |  3

#40 you used the verb form of that word, when you probably meant to use the noun form. Advise is the verb, advice is the noun. Maybe you shouldn't be commenting about how old you think someone is if you can't use proper grammar that people over the age of 12 themselves would know.


My God!! if she's being a nagging bitch then he'd right not to give her the rime of day...braking up with him isn't an ultimatum he's obviously filing his time with other things cuz he doesn't want to be around her.... BTW ... OP going on FML won't get him to spend time with you... you have to try ... you shouldn't expect him to do all of the work ... honestly I'm a girl and I can't put up with girls that r like that Op get off your sorry ass and actually try ... a relationship is give and take!!
(Stupid whiny girls)..... rolls eyes....

  Draminicaus  |  0

In my own experience, some girls need more attention than others. You have to find a guy that's willing to give you the attention you need, or learn to need less. Either way, it's going to be a difficult road.

  zolziski  |  11

I agree. If there was a choice between continuing an arguement he could never win (because we females are emotional, not rational, so really it wouldn't matter what he said) or getting ready for an outing with friends, can't blame the guy for going with the one that's more fun.

OP, if you really feel it's worth sticking it out with this guy then get a hobby that is not your relationship. Show him you can also have a life outside of him. If you quit nagging him, he'll probably choose to spend more time with you. If not, well then at least you'll still have a life when things come to an end.

  Subcontinent  |  14

People argue.... especially when they spend as much time together as a boyfriend and girlfriend sometimes there will be arguments. sometimes it will be something meaningful, sometimes it will be whose turn it is to take the dishes. Doesn't mean they don't enjoy time with each other. As for OP's case it's hard to judge without knowing exactly how much of his time she wants to take up