By sad gf - 14/11/2010 20:29

Today, my boyfriend and I were about to have sex. Just as we were ready, his mom called to say happy anniversary. She was so excited for us, she was going to stop by. After throwing out our unused and only spare condom, she called us and said she was just kidding, and to enjoy ourselves. FML
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It's your anniversary and you didn't buy extra condoms. YDI

Maybe the condom was on his penis but it wasn't really USED yet


why would you throw away a condom?!?! ydi

Some people have skeletons in their closets. stayc0103 has a pile of used condoms.

jwbbabe 9

stayc0103 , exactly ?

waste of like 3 bucks that's what it is in HI any ways

KingDingALing 9

Phew! I thought that I was the only one who collected used condoms. Thank God.

He has them nailed to his bed post....all one and a half of them (I don't know).

fuck without one lol

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But 75, why would she want to do that and risk getting pregnant when there are so many idiots like yourself running around who need hometraining?

75 that's how people get pregnant or end up with stds. please go take a sex ed class.

#6 just a fyi I don't use condoms cuz im happily married and trying to have a baby...and have they never heard of pulling out?!?

#96 Pulling out doesn't always work-- pre-cum still contains sperm, and that obviously occurs even before guys cum. I really, really wouldn't recommend that method to anyone.

#103 no shit...if your having sex in the first place then you should have been through sex education atleast!..and if not then f their life for being young and ignorant! and also there is no sperm in precum only when after already cumming then the sperm is still left inside of the penis and ends up in the precum!

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Ya y throw just hide it retards

cradle6 13

Too easily damaged. if you can't use a condom fairly soon after opening it, I wouldnt use it. but I don't see how it's that big of a deal to drive to drug store for some more, since y'all wait until the last minute to buy more.

As if you would ever need one.

ah an unnecessary personal attack. well played

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I think his mom was watching

Maybe the condom was on his penis but it wasn't really USED yet

sourgirl101 28

Excellent point. Should have had a quicky and kept her knocking at the door a few extra minutes. Quick game of beat the clock.

lol. You've certainly thought this through.

She said "Our only spare and UNused condom..."

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ewww. that's nasty. yuckk. :P

holy crap dude that's sick

LMAO I see what you did there.

Thanks Chasin, I'm glad it didn't get wasted.

I don't get it...

The joke is he said shake the "fuck" out of it... Emphasis on fuck

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ever heard of a quicky?

5 second rule

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Ever heard if spare protection? Always hide one or two from the box for emergencies!

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that was the spare

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that's totally something my mother in law would do!!! FYL for having an annoying mother in law too!

They don't have to be married to call his mother, Mother in law. my fiancée and I have been dating for 3 years and have a 2 year old son together and I still consider his mother my mother in law, #1 because we are getting married some day soon #2 because that is my sons grandmother and #3 because no matter how long you date a guy/girl the mothers never change. Most of them are horrible! I can't stand my MIL! I'm so glad and thankful she did not raise my fiancée otherwise he would be a horrible person as well! I got lucky he has an awesome step mom which I love! <3 and she is awesome with our son whereas MIL will never watch him and our son runs from her! lmao

Don't you have drug store, or a 7-11 near your place?

this is too funny!!! I give her props

It's your anniversary and you didn't buy extra condoms. YDI

Indeed. Try the pill :p

#17 The pill doesn't work out for everyone. I'll be the first to admit that being on the pill turned me into an emotional wreck. Condoms FTW.

Being on the pill turned me into a mum.

The pill is 99% effective, condoms are 97% I believe... either way... if you're having sex you could get pregnant.

cradle6 13

I would say it's opposite. Birth control is very easy to mess up since you have to take it daily and at same time and can be canceled out by certain medications. also much more dangerous. can cause a blood clot.

sundayporch 2

47: The pill is only 99% effective if you take it at the exact same time every day. Which, let's face it, isn't an easy task. Otherwise, if you take it every day, it's 95% effective - the same as condoms.

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Condoms' percentage rate of protection is higher than the percentage of birth control.

Pills?Condoms?Just pull out.

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The pull out method is old school!

god.these comments are elementary school all over again.are you guys really having this discussion?btw pull out is the worst way because pre ejaculation can still get her pregnant.

#124 I'm sheltered enough that I wasn't even completely sure how sex worked until I was...16 maybe? Probably older. I definitely didn't know a thing about sex in elementary school, and basically nothing about birth control until after high school because of my parents' sheltering of me.

yes, but the pill doesn't prevent from STIs/STDs.

I was an emotional wreck on the pill it was worse than being pregnant way worse plus you got a period to deal with too. And no the pull out method does NOT work long, got my baby son that way (33 weeks pregnant), within three months. And no there was absolutely no problems with premature ejaculation either or it would have been condoms. We didnt know he'd done a bit until the test showed two red lines not one.