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Today, my boyfriend and I went to the store to buy oranges and pick up a pack of condoms. When we were at the checkout counter, my boyfriend happily told the cashier, "The only way we can have sex is if we squeeze oranges all over our bodies." FML
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At least he has a great sense of humour!

I kind of want to be a cashier just so I can hear and see things like this. Id keep the straightest face and just agree with people.

i wish the customers i serve at my job were as funny as this guy. it would make the days go quicker :)

61- No, you don't. The boring/ annoying/ cranky people far outnumber the funny/ entertaining ones most days. However, today one of my customers said "Well it must be spring, your hair is changing colour! Looks just about ripe!" (I have pinkish red streaks in my hair) which was pretty amusing.

#92 Maybe cause you're a vampire......just wondering what exactly does a vampire drink?

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It's just sweet and sticky sex, sounds almost normal.

May just try this tonight. Sounds so refreshing!

Well we all know who's going to have nightmares tonight... ME!

Of all things that give you nightmares it's this, The kinky orange sex fiends? You must be new here ;)

Have a blender ready next to you then for when the oranges attack

You sure it'll be a nightmare and not a wet dream?

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I'm sure "we all" didn't know, I'm also sure we still don't.

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no sex, why sex?, it might be arancia phobia.

Yes, kinky orange sex fiends gives me nightmares.... Can you imagine how sticky those two would get? ;)

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They need that vitamin D if you catch my drift

This sounds like something my bf would say, lol he's funny.

At least you get plenty of Vitamin C in your diet.

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^ This was quite clever, made me lol.

Your boyfriend shoulde kept that to yourselves :c that must be super embarrassing. The cashier probably thinks your both weird now. Sorry OP!!

Luckily it's only that guy. The rest of us get it. :D

Clearly, OP will be forever devastated that one person now thinks they're strange. It will haunt them for the rest of their lives!

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Pretty sure cashier would be able to understand a joke..

Or the cashier would be debating with him/her self whether or not they're serious or not XD

Or whether or not he wants to join in.

I'm a cashier, and if it was me I would seriously be wondering if he actually meant it. You get a lot of strange people, and hear and see a lot of strange things, working cash in a grocery store so you never know. Could have been dead serious. This is why we have the website "the customer is not always right" :P

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I'll have what he's having w/o the pulp.