By Brittanyy_leigh - Australia
Today, my boyfriend and I went to the beach. I though he was being really sweet by putting sunscreen on my back as I layed on my stomach. I got home later, and felt that my back was sore. Then I saw the giant penis on my back that been burnt in. FML
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  The_Pleb  |  0

I dont think you people seem to realise this FML

Dont get me wrong i find penis jokes funny, and after reading through this fml my mind altered the last few words thinking it ment drawn on, then i reaslised it said burnt.

So yeah i dont find this a penis joke at all, she could be scarred for life and what not

But i also agree its no point getting angry and telling people on this site, because after all its the internet

Thankyou for your time

  Sappheyes  |  0

I've had a couple of sunburns that have permanently, noticeably changed the appearance of certain areas of my skin. But regardless of whether or not you can see it, all sunburns leave permanent damage to your skin, that leaves you more vulnerable to skin cancer in the future, along with the undesirable cosmetic effects.

Plus, they freaking hurt, particularly on your back, where you'll lean on it, have a bra rub against it, sleep on it, etc.

  retard32145  |  0

5 years later "how'd you get cancer again?" "well i had a sunburn in the shape of my boyfriends penis on my back and it turned cancerous!"

By  imago_fml  |  0

Your boyfriend is an asshole. There is no "win" or "epic" here. That is cruel and sick. Shoot him in the face with a bazooka. Although, some nerd will giggle their balls off about this thinking it's witty and great and how they're going to do it to someone. And I hope they do and get the shit smacked out of them.

  Back_In_Action  |  18

I giggled my balls off at "giggled their balls off".

Also, regarding the stick up your ass: remove it. It's not like it's a tattoo or anything. It'll hurt for a couple of days and eventually fade. In the meantime, the OP just has to wear a shirt that covers the back. God forbid.

I'm not one for penis humor, but this was pretty funny.

  SarahinSane  |  0

I agree with #23. That stick in your ass. You should remove it.
I agree that the joke was neither clever nor mature, but I did get a laugh out of it. Besides, it'll fade in a few days. Not that big of an issue for OP.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I actually find penis jokes overrated, and pretty lame..
But this was great.
Like 23 said.. She just has to wear a shirt that covers her back for a while. Maybe use something to make the burning fade faster, or peel faster.

Still an FML, though.

  tsundere  |  1

Also, realize that she'll be in quite a bit of pain when her back touches things for a while. Sunburns hurt like a bitch. This was a lame joke.

  dhbbabygirl  |  6

Dude you need to calm the hell down.. That's like really over reacting that's something some crazy bitch would do. Shoot him cause there's a penis on her back? Uhm.. I'd laugh. Freak..

  Letomi  |  0

My thoughts exactly. If you weren't paying enough attention to notice that he was not covering significant portions of your back in sunscreen then you deserved this one.
I mean, I rarely go to beaches and I noticed if I've missed covering half of my shoulder in sunscreen. The stuff is easily felt. You have no excuse.

  Dramaqueen95  |  0

Yeah I agree- that was my first thought - if it was big, she would feel it.
But can everyone lighten up abit? People saying that her boyfriends immature and insensitive - take a joke! Don't you have a sense of humour? You have no idea about the reasons behind it. She could of done something first, or they just have a humorous relationship. You have to admit - it is quite funny - even if it is immature. And who are you to judge him?

  lilah09  |  0

If you read it, it said that the penis was the burnt part, therefore he WAS covering significant portions of her back and left a penis outline.

  loppisloppan  |  2

actually you don't have that much nerve endings on your back, I did an experiment in school where we stroke two sticks on each other's backs, each time we thought it was only one

  stevenJB  |  25

Not too sure if that's the way they spell it in Australia, so I can't assume your an ignorant dumbass. :/