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  Drigr  |  9

I read the FML as two ways and can't tell which one it would be. They got in the water, meaning the boat had launched and was in the water, or they literally got out of the boat and into the water to have sex. If its the latter, the guy who chummed was a dbag for doing it with people in the water

  Gringe  |  1

Yeah u cud get a uti... Dont do it in beaches ocean ponds lakes hottubs bathrooms or dumpsters behind wendys (mc donalds is fine, bacteria cant survive on their food)

  stephan18  |  23

You kidding me? XD they live in hong kong... A few years from now maybe we'll see a FML talking about a kid who was conceived in a chum accident :)

  ZooMzy  |  9

"We got in the water" could've meant they took the boat out onto the water, not just physically getting into the water. Either way sucks.

  angeluv_2014  |  22

seriously... it's extremely unhygienic to have sex in natural water... you could have gotten one hell of an infection OP! not to mention the bacteria from the chumming!! horrifying to even think about all the bacteria in that water >_

  muFilter  |  19

Soooo nasty! Do you like funk in your lady parts?


Get up (get on up),
Get up (get on up)!
Stay on the scene (get on up),
Like a sex machine (get on up)!


I feel good! (nanananananana)
I knew that I would! (nanananananana)
I feel nice! (nanananananana)
Sugar and spice! (nanananananana)
So good! (dun dun)
So nice! (dun dun)
I got you!

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Easy, do it in the water of a nuclear reactor runnoff.
1. Your junk will glow in the dark, so you can more easily see where to put it. No more "wrong hole" screams.
2. The radiation will make your junk bigger (whoops, OP is the woman).
The radiation will make your tits bigger