By Fire0fisis - 23/05/2012 09:38 - Hong Kong

Today, my boyfriend and I went out on his boat. We got in the water and started to have sex when a fishing boat came by and chummed. There's nothing more romantic than bloody fish guts. FML
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Did the boat chum before he did?

You do know there's nothing wrong with just having sex ON the boat...


challan 19

Chumming for jaws! He always attacks during the sex scene... Da dum da dum da dum

Na your thinking of Jason Vorhees that guy always kills during a sex scene.

I read the FML as two ways and can't tell which one it would be. They got in the water, meaning the boat had launched and was in the water, or they literally got out of the boat and into the water to have sex. If its the latter, the guy who chummed was a dbag for doing it with people in the water

I read it as they got into the water and had sex while they were in the water. Not on the water. It can only be read one way actually.

Chumming that soon is nothing to be ashamed of

op dump his ass


First !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beastiness 14

Ydi for doing that where there are fishing boats

Or where there are sharks

The fishing boat saw them having sex and "chummed" I chuckled.

It's also pretty gross to have sex in a lake/ocean/swimming pool, and not just because of the chum. So many germs... Shudder.

Yeah u cud get a uti... Dont do it in beaches ocean ponds lakes hottubs bathrooms or dumpsters behind wendys (mc donalds is fine, bacteria cant survive on their food)

You kidding me? XD they live in hong kong... A few years from now maybe we'll see a FML talking about a kid who was conceived in a chum accident :)

It's not like it smelled any different for him

You do know there's nothing wrong with just having sex ON the boat...

Now where's the fun in that? Sex ON the boat is simply too mainstream nowadays..

Sex in the water scores more points duh.

If they were in the water then why would the fisherman chum the water? Wouldn't get natural fish smell already do that for him?

calilovergirl 4

I agree. I thought of dirty salt places it shouldn't be...sounds...well I'd rather stay on the boat.

TwiztedYuri 9

I guess he couldn't get her wet

Dr0reos 8

did anyone else laugh a bit about that part with the boat "chumming"

"We got in the water" could've meant they took the boat out onto the water, not just physically getting into the water. Either way sucks.

seriously... it's extremely unhygienic to have sex in natural water... you could have gotten one hell of an infection OP! not to mention the bacteria from the chumming!! horrifying to even think about all the bacteria in that water >_

Next time have sex on the boat or a bedroom.

Epikouros 31

Sex on a bedroom could be dangerous, especially if it's a sloped roof.

Do it like Lois and Peter: Have sex on your Dad's back to piss him off.

Did the boat chum before he did?

It chummed all over them. What?

dangit! I meant to thumb that up.

GhettoMuzick 0

Heheh punny:)

Omg I just chame

Well there you go foreplay, instead of chocolate you have fish guts to lick off.

CalCommando 6

Chum is fum.

I'm waiting for the "Doesn't matter, had sex on a boat" comments. I predict at least 15 of them.

Llama_Face89 33

But they weren't in the boat...doesn't matter had sex in a shark?

I will save you the horror docbastard and say it, doesn't matter, had sex in blood and fish guts. Come at me thumbs down.

^ I do insist, not scared to be thumbed down :)

What's that in your picture, Doc? *chews on a carrot*

51- I believe that it is an X-ray of a false hip, along with the other bones in that general area.

wubbazugg 5

But they didn't have sex on a boat. Comprehend much?

klovemachine 24

Doesn't matter had sex in the water :D I only say this to spite docbastard

Llama_Face89 33

51- looks like someone's hip replacement came outa is socket/setting/thing.

ConesOfDeath 0

Doesnt matter, he chummed. ..wait, that's not it?

bargarlm 2

Either go to a different area or stay in the freakin boat. That's nasty.

Jewnut 0

soooo nasty! why would anyone have sex in river/lake water? do you like funk in your lady parts?

Soooo nasty! Do you like funk in your lady parts? Waaaaaaaahhhh!!! Get up (get on up), Get up (get on up)! Stay on the scene (get on up), Like a sex machine (get on up)!

HEY! I feel good! (nanananananana) I knew that I would! (nanananananana) I feel nice! (nanananananana) Sugar and spice! (nanananananana) So good! (dun dun) So nice! (dun dun) I got you!

alexicanaaa 7

Sex in dirty river water? That's not very romantic either.

KiddNYC1O 20

Seriously. And what about shrinkage in that possibly cold water?

RedPillSucks 31

Easy, do it in the water of a nuclear reactor runnoff. 1. Your junk will glow in the dark, so you can more easily see where to put it. No more "wrong hole" screams. 2. The radiation will make your junk bigger (whoops, OP is the woman). The radiation will make your tits bigger