By Anonymous - 20/01/2010 16:17 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend and I went for a swim in his pool. I was hoping that the swim would be somewhat romantic, however, that came to an abrupt end when he decided that it would be cool and funny to try and lift me up by my boobs. FML
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carrotpuke 0

You just got a free breast lift!

JukeboxBunny 0

How hard are your boobs for that to even be a remote possibility?


JukeboxBunny 0

How hard are your boobs for that to even be a remote possibility?

Lone_Wolf_099 5

They dont have to be hard you just have to be fast, my girlfriend and I were in the living room and she was biting the hell out of my neck( wich drives me crazy) next thing I know I grab her chest lift her into the air and slammed her down onto the couch where things got R rated.

aaw. I think the whole point is her boobs were not hard. which means of you try to life a chick up by her boobs, it hurts like a bitch.

Mousie1097 5

Hey, your profile says you love the ocean, yet your picture shows you high up on a snowy mountain?

carrotpuke 0

You just got a free breast lift!

"You just got a free breast lift!" win

Twi_lover_EC 6

Realy, OW it makes my boobs hurt to.

decimatethestars 0

Ouch. If any guy ever tried to do that to me, I'd clamp their balls and make them sing. Least you had somewhat an enjoyable time beforehand. Sometimes life is dull and you gotta brighten it up

i think it's funny,but i don't think anyone could do that with my boobs they're only little.

RedTriceratops 0

You should have tried to pick him up by the balls.

a romantic swim? I tried to picture what I would think of as a romantic swim in my head. It made me laugh.

Haha, did you see the rose petals strewn about the pool and chocolate covered strawberries being fed to each other? lmfao. Idk why the image in my head cracks me up so much, but it does! Gazing into each others eyes. Maybe some synchronized romantic swimming backed with some Marvin Gaye? OH! Thats where the boob lift came from, right? He was trying to do part of the synchronized romantic swimming?!?

He tried to lift her up by her boobs... that sounds pretty romantic to me ;]

It totally is! She just forgot that part of the choreography in the routine!

hahaha, chocolate hot water. Boobies. nice n romantic. LOL , i dunno, it would be romantic... lift her up from the boobs. piss in the water, put her back in =D oooooooh yeaaaaaaah......... xDDDD lool no seriously, i dunno how it would be romantic. xept if it was a jacuzzi... XD

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did it work!!!! i need 2 no!!! and i keep trying 2 picture how he would go about that task...

all in the job desciption for being a girlfriend