By woxliuke - Lithuania - Vilnius
Today, my boyfriend and I went for a ride on bicycles. After a while, I couldn't see him ahead of me any more. I went back and forth for half an hour but could't find him, and started to think something happened. I went home to call him but saw his bike. Turns out my boyfriend is just an asshole. FML
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  arano  |  29

I think they were on a ride that started at their house and they had a route planned out but the boyfriend just finished quicker. As usual, am I right ladies? (;

By  Benmantha  |  31

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By  nickbenson_zzccc  |  5

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By  jakowz  |  3

He probably wasn't trying to be mean, he was probably just trying to play a funny joke and didn't realize that OP wouldn't find it funny. Not worth dumping him over unless he was actually trying to be a douche

By  atomicxsarah  |  17

My ex did this to me too when we rode bikes in his neighborhood .(which I was very unfamiliar with.)Luckily I made it back to his house. He was an ass. Glad we aren't together.