By CatLady - United States
Today, my boyfriend and I tried to give his cat medicine. Unfortunately, it reacted in a way it never had before: clawed his arms to bits, bit him so hard a tooth fell out, peed everywhere, including on me, and pooped on the carpet. FML
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Oh and by the way, you just got peed on a little bit right? How is this an FML you're posting for yourself? It seems like your boyfriend got his shit fuuucked up. Now, in typical woman fashion, you're trying to get all the attention from it. Psssh hahahah!!!!!

  itsmeyippie  |  0

70- getting peed on by a cat is no big deal, just take a shower and change clothes, this is a F His L because one single scratch from a cat usually stings and bleeds badly, but his arm entirely scratched and a bad bite hurts and bleeds

  venusvsmars  |  2

Yeah 38, 40 is right. I tried to help a sick cat and it attacked me. Then another time, I tried to simply pet a cat at a friends house, I let it sniff my hand first and everything, and it still attacked me. Meanwhile, I have always gotten along with dogs. Cats suck.

  WishResign  |  0

agree with #1... should've gotten a dog. a small one even if you don't like big dogs.

cats are uglier, disloyal, & useless. cats are for pussies (no pun intended). they have no protective instincts either...
plus, I'm allergic.


My cousin had a cat that was so afraid of people, whenever a stranger came near it, it would start eating at it's own stomach to try to kill itself. So gross... It had to constantly wear a cone around it's face.