By tamp - 22/06/2009 07:47 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I took a late night drive, and after a while he stopped at a gas station and asked if I wanted anything I replied "guess". He came out and gave me a box of tampons. Apparently I've been bitchy. FML
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:D He's really funny!

at least he isn't afraid to buy you tampons, most boyfriends would find that awkward.


:D He's really funny!

What did you really want??

hahahhahahahahahahaha funny boy

agree with first and is funny as hell

yeah, what did you want? that's funny shit though

YDI for living in the US.

Sine she made it clear that they were driving at night, it's obvious she wanted condoms.

Lololol! Omg tough love :) that's hysterical

then you add "too bad today I found out I'm pregnant with his brothers child"

did he guess right?

All FMLs that involve a girl assuming her boyfriend/loved one has suddenly developed mind reading powers are an instant YDI.

you deserve it for being so bitchy

well you sound pretty bitchy for saying 'guess' when he was trying to be helpful towards you. YDI

Yeah, that sounds like a bitchy thing to say to his polite offer. This is what happens. :-P

#4 and #31 said it all. #82, you're an idiot. Someone asking someone else what size tampons doesn't make them a pedophile. I'll help you out here, a pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to minors, in most cases prepubescent children. Someone asking what size a tampon is, to someone who did not indicate an age, but is most likely over age 18 since her boyfriend was driving to the gas station, is not a pedophile. Asking what size tampon, while a little weird, also does not indicate a sexual desire for this person. OP: YprobablyDI. Guessing games are stupid, and saying it in a rude way is just bitchy. Unless you were hinting at sex, in which case that's just a little tacky for a gas station.

Yes #31 is spot-on.

Hey, it never said she said it in a bitchy way, it just says apparently she's been bitchy, maybe she'd been bitchy in some of the times they've been together?

how do you know shes under 18....


hehehehe at least he cares

I guess you should have told him what you wanted than.

yeah that kinda was a really bitchy thing to say actually that was a really good comeback on his part

Yeah, it really was. I usually hate when guys make assumptions about a woman's period, but I'm still laughing at this.