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Today, my boyfriend and I took a late night drive, and after a while he stopped at a gas station and asked if I wanted anything I replied "guess". He came out and gave me a box of tampons. Apparently I've been bitchy. FML
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  brrrx  |  0

#4 and #31 said it all.

#82, you're an idiot. Someone asking someone else what size tampons doesn't make them a pedophile. I'll help you out here, a pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to minors, in most cases prepubescent children. Someone asking what size a tampon is, to someone who did not indicate an age, but is most likely over age 18 since her boyfriend was driving to the gas station, is not a pedophile. Asking what size tampon, while a little weird, also does not indicate a sexual desire for this person.

OP: YprobablyDI. Guessing games are stupid, and saying it in a rude way is just bitchy. Unless you were hinting at sex, in which case that's just a little tacky for a gas station.

  kyliebear  |  15

Hey, it never said she said it in a bitchy way, it just says apparently she's been bitchy, maybe she'd been bitchy in some of the times they've been together?