By Tickettoride - 04/05/2013 10:24 - Austria - Vienna

Today, my boyfriend and I stressed out preparing for our one week holiday. We packed for the whole day, said goodbye to everyone and arrived at the airport quite exhausted after a 45-minute train ride. Turns out our flight isn't until tomorrow. The check-in lady couldn't stop laughing. FML
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I never understood people who stress about going on holiday. For fuck's sake, just throw some shit in a bag, get on the plane, and enjoy yourselves!

oj101 33

Taking punctuality to a whole new level.


oj101 33

Taking punctuality to a whole new level.

At least it wasn't yesterday!

I see someone was excited to getaway lol prematurely

This year, I came to my doctors appointment one month early...

Being punctual implies knowing the correct date and time, which OP clearly did not.

I never understood people who stress about going on holiday. For fuck's sake, just throw some shit in a bag, get on the plane, and enjoy yourselves!

oj101 33

Perhaps it's because people spent thousands of dollars and spend months on planning a period of relaxation they've really been looking forwards to, where many things can go easily wrong that can ruin the whole holiday such as forgetting essential items, missing flights due to their unreliability etc

Agreed, Doc. That's what vacations are for. To leave the monotony of schedules behind! Fuck!

rg350dx 29

I'm sure TSA would love to see bags full of shit going through their X-ray machines. Also they should make sure to crap their pants before getting frisked for extra fun!

What I dont understand is why people fail to double check dates of flights or departures. YDI OP.

perdix 29

#2, because if you bring the wrong shit, you're vacation will be ruined. Also, if you are flying from the US, you have to put your shit in 3.4oz containers max, and put them in a clear 1-qt. bag, that is, if your shit has the consistency of peanut butter or less. If it's more solid than than you can take as much as you want, but I suggest you eat more fiber and drink more water.

Meh. If you forget something, just buy it once you get there. Toothbrush, hair brush, underwear, condoms and lube, whatever.

Are you worried about forgetting anal beads when on vacation, too?

33 - I'm not. I always have some in me. ;)

perdix 29

#32, and pay those inflated tourist trap prices!?!?! I hope I hadn't forgotten my Xanax, because I'll need to down a handful after needlessly wasting all that money!

I agree with Doc on this one.. Some of my best vacations have been the ones where we just say fuck it and hop in the car(or on the plane)and head for the mountains or beach or wherever we felt like being! Last time we even forgot the tent but remembered the dogs... Ended up sleeping in the car with the back seats folded down! But it was a total blast!

rabidpeach 5

perdix, holy carp, posessive is your...

This isn't such a big FML right? Just take a hotel or something or go back to your place.

Exactly. They can start their vacation one day early. I've always thought a vacation wasn't the destination, but the people you spend it with and the enjoyment you get from it.

How do you "take" an entire hotel?

I hate when those little square days switch around on the calendar.

Wow that sucks but YDI who doesn't know exactly when their flight is?!

lilrye115 8

At least you're all packed and ready and now know the perfect time to leave?

I've been that check in person. I always just changed the booking.

How does that help them? They won't have a hotel booked a day in advance, the hire car wont be ready etc etc

67, You can just as easily call the hotel and say you're coming in a day early, some front desk people will try to help. Though, if you booked through a third party (Expedia,, etc.) then there might be a hiccup but unless the hotel is sold out, that's never a problem. That's why I stress, always have extra money with you on a vacation.

It just gives them the choice! We mostly carried commuters and backpackers anyway.

That's better than the flight being yesterday!

mrszzz 4

Rather a day early than a day late, eh OP?

rg350dx 29

This is why your parent(s)/school taught you to read. That shit's important.