By adsfkerfmpo - 30/07/2009 08:11 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I made a date to try to save our relationship. I sat in his room for hours while he watched YouTube videos of World of Warcraft. FML
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And ur trying to save this relationship why?

The more sensible thing would be to save YOURSELF from the relationship. o_0


And ur trying to save this relationship why?

exactly what I was thinking. OP, just give up

^^ my question exactly. He watches YouTube over spending time with you? Please get rid of this loser ASAP.

YDI for dating some WoW fag.

F*** dude... I'm in the same situation trying to get my boyfriend to spend time with me, when all he does is sit at his computer playing wow... I feel for you, and i don't know how to fix it as of yet.

Yeah, seriously. Some relationships aren't worth saving.

Dump him, he'll only understand what a relationship is when he stops having one.

You have no idea how many relationships and marriages that game has destroyed...

And it's not even that fun of a game. :c

Meh, I play WoW, so does my boyfriend. We're noy lame enough to let it consume our time like a lot of peopel do though. Some of those Youtube vids are pretty funny :p

Ah, yeah, that.. uh.. Oxsomething guy makes some pretty funny ones. (Watch, his name is actually something unbelievably simple and easy to remember, and yet I still couldn't)

I knew it'd be simple.

it really is(: just gotta know how to play and stuff.

No, you can know how to play and still not like it. It's not that hard to figure out... I personally found it just like every other RPG: Same basics with some different details.

good point. dump the loser.

The only way to deal with that is to dump his sorry ass. That's what I did when every time I went to visit my long distance boyfriend, he spent more time on WoW than with me. WoW addicts are just that: addicts. You wouldn't stay with an alcoholic or a junkie would you? I'm a geek. I love Star Wars, D&D, and go to SciFi conventions. It's not 'cause he's a geek or a nerd. It's just 'cause he's an asshole.

At the same time, she's also probably sitting there going "Yeah, hunny, go ahead. Don't mind me." :p

He probably wanted to preview the upcoming 3.2 patch!


You win ^_^ And OP, you just.. lose.

U lucky baster! we wowers in china had 2 suffer much more 2 play the stipid game, beside GF's talking we have 魔兽寡妇 wow-widow 2in china,sorry 4 them

^^ w-what??? You know what, just shut up and go farm me some gold.

lmfao ur an epic fail! XD im sorry but philn? plz! :D

The more sensible thing would be to save YOURSELF from the relationship. o_0

Yeah. what I was thinking. Also, was him watching youtube videos his idea of a date or was he just too addicted to WoW to want to go on a date. Also a date isn't my idea of trying to save a relationship.

There's no saving THAT relationship! Save yourself!

Good for you. sticking through all of that.

Oh, such a familiar story... Get out of there, OP!

leeroy jenkins! seriously though, why is this boyfriend worth it?

u cant get lvl 100. 80 is max

Yeah... that is likely. *rolls eyes*

agreed. my bf plays wow...but that would make sh*t hit the fan!

lets just say ur relationship is working out dump him