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Today, my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. I'm extremely uncomfortable with eye contact, but he kept staring into my eyes the entire time. I had to sing the F.U.N. song from Spongebob in my head to stop myself having an anxiety attack. FML
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Try telling him that you don't like it, and he'll probably stop.,Maybe he thinks you enjoy it?


I'd she gets panic attacks from eye contact she probably has issues with closing her eyes too

I doubt that would stop him staring at her though.

Haha, my first time I had the song highway to hell playing in my head. Lol

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Why?... This is a free country. You're allowed to tell people if something bothers you.

#3 you want her to deal with something that might make her have a panic attack during sex? Sex is supposed to be enjoyable dude.

Honestly I don't have a problem with eye contact and that still sounds creepy as ****.

A lot of people with anxiety problems have issues with eye contact and it isn't as easy as just 'dealing' with it. That is really rude, as is assuming you can just get therapy for that. But I doubt #104 meant any harm. As someone who does suffer from general and social anxiety, it gets a little easier the more I work with the person or situation but even now I still get mildly uncomfortable holding eye contact during normal social situations with friends I've had for nearly a decade. So I cant even imagine prolonged contact during intimate ones. And for some people its a 'trigger' of some sort for other mental or emotional issues. Think about other people's personal history before you speak, please.

Try telling him that you don't like it, and he'll probably stop.,Maybe he thinks you enjoy it?

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Or maybe he watches a lot of **** cause **** stars really eye **** the camera for some reason

Do it doggy style! No eye-contact that way!

Face down, ass up That's the way we like to ****!

"And then we'll do it doggie style So we can both watch X-Files (Do it now) You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel"

Actually, for your first time, it's best to do it in that position. That's how humans have sex in nature, so your body is more at ease in that position

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Face down, ass up. That's the way we... Tie our shoes

#36 you don't deserve to be disliked I just don't think people get the reference of the song, I ******* love it so congrats to you! Cx

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I wish you hadn't posted this so many times, I got tired of moderating it.

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talk to him.communication is an important thing. I'm sure he would have stopped if you would have asked

I'm sorry but how old are you op? I understand everyone has issues and their own ways of dealing/coping with stress and anxiety but that really seems quite juvenile, like something a 12 year old would do.

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Actually, it's common for adults to have anxiety disorders.

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That's not really fair. To an outside observer, these fears might seem illogical, but that's what a fear is - illogical. It only makes sense to the person who has the fear, and to them it can range from slight anxiety, to a complete nightmare. We all have anxiety, but some of us have it to the point where it controls our life.

#23 That's how I am with spiders or other bugs. It can be the size of a needle point, but I will still freak out if it gets on me.

#23 Well i mean some fear isn't illogical, ie. fear of heights, fear of losing a loved one, fear of dying alone, etc. But i agree there are a lot of people with irrational fears, ie. fear of long words, fear of the color orange, fear of toilets (reference to the recent fml).

#34 people have those fears for a reason and shouldn't be judged for it. And for the last FML she had a fear of a toilet because she was little and was shown something that scared her. She didn't know better. If they really fear something they obviously have a reason have a reason for it and should get help.

Ok people, calm down. I'm pretty sure he was talking about the Spongebob song, not the actual anxiety attack.

I was talking about the song and not at all bashing on the op for having anxiety problems. Glad everyone sees that.

Bruh. People with anxiety disorder deal with it in a way that helps them. She probably used that one was its steady, repetitive, and familiar. And like, for real? I'm 22 and I still watch spongebob. I have an office job, a fiancé, and a house of my own. And I still ******* watch spongebob. Stop being a judge mental prick.

#51 - The fact that you think you can justify your juvenile interest in some awful children's cartoon with irrelevant factors about your life just proves the point. (Not that I really care that you like Spongebob.) I mean, would you say it's okay to listen to the Barney Song when somebody breaks up with us?

#63 people deal with things in different ways. If someone wants to listen to the Barney song after a break up, then let them do that. You might not do it, but someone else could. It really isn't based off how you deal with it, it's whether or not you feel better in the end. If someone in your family died, and you deal with it by crying, no one judges you and you might feel better in the end. But if someone deals with the death of a family member by going out and playing sports to relieve their stress, they shouldn't be judged either. Because in the end, you both eventually feel better, you just used different methods

So you've never rewatched a TV show from your childhood? You're probably too mature for that though. Don't just ignore things you like so people won't judge you. If something makes you happy, do it...and yes, this includes singing the Barney song.

They're talking about how she sang a song from spongebob to deal with her anxiety

#69 - Yep, thanks for stating that. I guess I wasn't clear; I really don't care what people like, but justifying your interests by stating "I'm a stable member of society" makes you seem, as it was put before, juvenile. And surely if you find the F.U.N song from Spongebob comforting, it's the same deal.

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Hopefully the sex was good lol.

Good sex takes practice. If most people were honest, they would admit the first time was, at most, "meh".

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Not all of us. My first time was a great experience. My BF (husband now) didn't rush me and made sure I was okay. Yes, losing my virginity hurt but it was a good pain, if that makes sense?

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Yea I really don't get what you mean by it hurt (might be cause I'm not a girl)