By Anonymous - / Saturday 3 November 2012 18:02 / Australia - Wembley
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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

My apologies for two comments. The first one didn't appear so I tried to write the same comment. Suddenly, both are there and my phone doesn't let me edit or delete my comments.

  blahblah0392  |  7

Maybe it's his first time, and if she's a good girlfriend she would teach him, so breaking up with someone because they weren't perfect the first time isn't something very normal.

  CrewBoy  |  10

46. I know no one who would just go "cummmm" for talking dirty. I've said "cum for me babe." But really? What kind of idiot just touches a girl and thinks he can make her cum like that?

  kyleekay  |  25

49- "When done properly, it's quite fun".

Obviously the boyfriend didn't do it quite right, I was just pointing out that simply saying "cum" isn't necessarily a "porn sentence".

  UncleMuscles  |  5

12, it's highly unlikely that anyone cums that much within an average amount of sexual time. If a dude did that, he would explode, and the room would be filled with guts and a ripped arm with the fingers still stuck in the shape of his penis.

  kyleekay  |  25

50- I know you're kidding, but that reminded me of an episode of Taboo I saw once. The guy was multiorgasmic, and had a REALLY hard time being satisfied. Who knew being able to orgasm easily would become a burden?

  miss_madison  |  10

36- Clearly you've never experimented with BDSM. It is entirely possible for a master to set a Maximum and a Minimum. In this case 15-20. It took time but he found the spot and we got kinky. Also, for a girl, multiple orgasms is within the realm of possibility without any pain.

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