By Bonnie and Clyde - 08/05/2015 02:18 - United States - Humble

Today, my boyfriend and I got busted by a cop for having sex in his car. When the cop sent us on our way, we went home and the garage was open, so we called the cops thinking someone was in the home. No one was in the house, and we got the same cop. FML
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You had sex in a cop's car?

I don't understand why you would have sex in a car when you have a house that you've made it apparent you're alone in @[email protected]


I really don't know what to say about this one

I hope he was professional enough not to bring up your previous encounter

I'd just like to say I love the simplicity of your profile pictures #1.

Well at least you weren't robbed

yeah but now the cop knows where they live lol

he would of already known where they live by their licensees.

That is funny, what was his reaction? You again?

Maybe it was the same cop because he was the one who broke in before the first encounter :D

Should've made him search the whole house and the entire neighborhood.

You had sex in a cop's car?

Serves him right for leaving it open

Modifiers are important people ?

I missed that, kudos to you #9

Those dangling participles, gotta always watch them.

Awkwardly laugh most likely

I don't understand why you would have sex in a car when you have a house that you've made it apparent you're alone in @[email protected]

Sometimes you just gotta get it done right then and I guess the cop car was the closest enclosed space they could find

I am 99.9905% sure she meant her boyfriend's car and they would both be in jail for breaking and entering and indecent exposure inside government property if they somehow made it into a police car together, alone. -_-

Sometimes you just want to be spontaneous and have sex in new places. When you have been with the same woman for 5+ years you do thinks to keep the spark alive. But then again i was smart enough to do it in a car with tinted windows... And you park in a public spot. In a alley or the end of a road is just suspicious. That's the type of things cops look for.

Car sex is fun and part of the fun is the chance knowing you can get caught. Ya it does suck when you get caught though lol

I love having sex with girls in a very uncomfortable place. Like the back seat of a Volkswagen.

When you're in a relationship you have sex anytime, anywhere.

Try the back seat of a mustang. That requires flexibility.

I'm paraphrasing Mallrats.

Backseat of a Matrix and a Neon. That was uncomfortable.