By manymisfortunes - 04/10/2014 05:43 - Canada - Lachine

Today, my boyfriend and I decided to have a quickie in the car. We had left a window open so it wasn't too hot, and I was holding onto the edge of the window, fingers hanging over. In the midst of it all, my boyfriend managed to close the window by hitting the button. My finger is broken. FML
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That's one way to get fingered

I'm surprised you did not feel the window going up. I mean it takes at least a good 4-6 seconds for the window to fully go up.


What an original waste of a first comment. Sorry OP, hope you get better! :)

Such a well-thought out response, you totally earned a Noble Prize for such insight and humour expressed in your wise response to such phenomena. I applaud you.

Oh! What a blunt sarcastic response! Thank you for your eagerness to try to shut me down. It was fun.

Woh, hope you are alright!

You hope she is alright? It's not like her finger was just crushed by a thin glass window. Of course she is alright...

I guess she is typing this herself.

"Well mom...what had happened was..."

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Op, you must've had the car running in order for the windows to move, so why don't you turn on the air conditioning instead?

The literal definition of "LOVE HURTS"

I'm surprised you did not feel the window going up. I mean it takes at least a good 4-6 seconds for the window to fully go up.

Would you have the window all the way down?

Guess the sex was amazing enough for OP not to notice.

Hell yea, I tried that myself and the heat is excruciating. On top of that, all the windows would get fogged up and we would feel like suffocating. I rolled down all the windows.

The way I read it was the window was just cracked. There would have been no time to react.

That's one way to get fingered

pun very much intended I see. I like your sense of humour.

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#18 perfect profile picture

Too bad there was no protection for your fingers. FYL.

Taking rough sex to the next level

I suppose "get a room" would work here

How about keeping the air conditioner on????

You're absolutely right. Because in order for the power windows to work, the car had to be turned on anyways.

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in my car, there's an accessory setting where just the windows and radio work, then "on" where the AC just runs, and you have to start the car for it to blow cold.

My 2003 Suburban keeps all power on until I open the door. Key can be out of the ignition.

Good luck explaining this one to your friends with a straight face...