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Wow, someone doesn't have a stripper for a mom and I think it's the OP! As my mom always taught me "TAKE IT AND RUN BITCH!!" anyway, seriously OP.. u shoulda taken that cash!! One day u gonna b wishin u had that thousand dollas and u guhnna b regretting all day long girl

  MarkSeattle  |  0

sounds like a good idea fatty. you can spend the 1K on gas, McDonalds, and ice cream on the way home.
If there's any left you can spend it on how to not be a nagging bitch lessons, since you've got to be pretty awful for him to offer you money to go away...

  xileWabbit  |  0

I hope you took the money! I mean if he made you that offer he probably wants out pretty bad and why not go out with extra cash flow? Haha :p
Though I understand how you'd feel getting bribed in a sense to leave a relationship op, and for that, fyl, and your extra grand :p

  Stevefett  |  0

That's alot of video games!! Go on, take the money and run! Hell, if half the girls I dated made me that offer I'd have quite a little nest egg saved up.

  okieraider71  |  4

Common sense is not so common anymore. TAKE THE DAMN MONEY!!! He is trying to not just dump you pennyless. A man tries to do right and a bitch like you makes him sorry. Next time it does not "work out" for him, he will probably throw her shit out the door and change locks. Get your tubes tied bitch: the human gene pool needs chlorine bad enough without you adding your dumb ass eggs.

  nabo4u  |  0

everyone here is saying take the money, but that's just dumb. you never accept the first offer. start negotiating. maybe get an agent. I'm sure you can easily get 5 times that amount if you're as annoying as we all think you are

  ThinIce  |  0

Hey you're probably not gonna marry him correct? Big deal, you get $1,000 dollars! You can probably find more entertainment on a new iPod Touch over an ass hole boyfriend.

  colffenstein  |  0

think about it, he was breaking up with you, at least he didn't leave you high and dry with nothing. he was kind enough to make sure you had enough money to get where you needed to go.

  Dadvocate  |  5

#134 - AMEN

he did the right thing and your a cunt for posting it as an FML. Your the reason why some men treat women like shit. Your making him the bad guy because he doesn't want to be with you!!